Clockwork Heart

Willow Snow (who answers to at least three names I know of!) is quite the poet, prolific and imaginative. Her piece here, “Clockwork Heart,” evokes romance and steampunk and an eternal longing for something not quite in reach. It also inspired me to write a companion piece, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, have a look at Stephanie/Rosalie/Willow/MoonlightSonata’s poetry and blog. You won’t be sorry. 🙂

Willow Snow

Spinning the wheels

Within my mind

Working overtime

To meet the demands

Of my heart’s desires

Almost unattainable

But certainly not intangible

Versing time

To win the battle

Before the tick tock stops

Those are the dealings

Of a clockwork heart



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Pillow Talk Secrets: Details, Details, Details…

Jade Waters, Malin James, and Tamsin Flowers are three lovely ladies and three talented writers who have much to say on the subject of writing, and sex, and of course writing about sex. They’re also, as it turns out, dab hands at steamy poetry, too, as those following them know from their recent challenge to each other. I cannot encourage you enough to read their blogs and their published works. They are frequently thought-provoking, often educational, always entertaining, and 100% steamy in their luscious use of language.

Beside their own individual blogs, they also collaborate on Pillow Talk, where they present topics of interest to the erotica and erotic romance writer in an engaging informal interview or panel discussion format. In this latest installment, the topic is details and descriptions: how much to include, and how much is too much? See what they have to say, and join in the conversation on Pillow Talk.

Pillow Talk

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the next round of Pillow Talk Secrets! Today, Malin James, Tamsin Flowers and I—your host for the day, Jade A. Waters—have some major details to discuss…physical details, that is. The question is, how much physical description is “ideal” in erotica, and is it the same for readers as it is for writers?

We are so delighted you’ve joined us—so without further ado, let’s talk about those dirty details…

Pillow Talk Secrets

Jade: Hello, ladies! So nice to be back together again! How are the both of you?

Malin: Hiya! I’m doing good—got my first cup of tea right here, so I’m feeling fine (though I’ll feel better after the third!).

Tamsin: Hello girls—hope you’re both well!

J: Good to see you both. I’m very excited for today’s session! Shall we dive right in?

T: Absolutely!

J: All right—today is all about the dirty deets. As in…

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Sneak Peek–Pirate Story

Delilah Night is a highly talented writer, and I was honored to be a beta reader for this delightfully naughty pirate tale. I can’t tell you much, of course — sworn to secrecy by the blood of Long John Silver! — but it’s a great read, with a plucky and strong heroine that you’ll just love, and a hero — or antihero? — who’ll get your juices going.

New Erotic Story: Condolences

I simply have to share this wonderful story by my new friend, Rachel Woe. “Condolences” doesn’t start like your typical romance — actually, Rachel says she would classify it as “New Adult Erotic Romance” — with the entire story set at a wake (or vigil) for the heroine’s recently deceased grandfather. In this sombre setting, and in the midst of family politics and squabbling, Lauren finds herself confronted by Oakley, her nemesis from childhood when he bullied her relentlessly. He’s all grown up now, though, but Lauren can’t quite forgive or forget. Has he changed? Has Lauren?

“Condolences” has some of the best characterization and emotional pull I’ve seen in a short story in quite some time. At roughly 5000 words, it’s a perfect bedtime snack that will have you waking hungry for more come morning. And guess what? Rachel has more on offer after you’ve whetted your appetite here.

So, follow the reblog — or the direct link to the story at — and please direct your comments and likes Rachel’s way if you agree with me that she is one hell of a writer.


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Happy Hump Day! (It’s still technically Wednesday, EST)

There is a new story titled, “Condolences” available for your scrutiny and reading pleasure on the Free Erotic Stories page. It’s a quickie—less than 6K words—about a resentful young woman who encounters her childhood-bully-turned-one-night-stand at the vigil of her recently deceased grandfather.

That probably sounds like the least erotic thing ever written, but I’m a big proponent of taking seemingly unsexy situations and events (i.e. real life stuff) and injecting them with sexual tension and a dash of “We really shouldn’t, but…”

If you want specifics, I would classify “Condolences” as a New Adult Erotic Romance story, though the Happy-For-Now ending is somewhat tenuous.

You’ll just have to read it to find out why that is.

Let me know what you…

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Desert Moon…

Serena is always a source of inspiration to me, and here with “Desert Moon” once again she does not disappoint. I know quite a few of you follow her work already, but just in case you don’t, you should really give her poetry site, “MsTranquility,” a look. Serena writes from her heart, and you can sense her soul in her words.

10 Reasons to Not Start Blogging

As most of you know, I’m fairly new at this blogging thing. What do you think, is it just a passing fad? No, you’re right, it’s here to stay a while, isn’t it? Well, if you’re considering blogging, you might look over this list. If you’re already blogging, you might look over this list. Paul (not Alfred — he can explain it better than I can) perfectly captures the essence, in beautifully satirical style, of the new (or perhaps even old) blogger’s life. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go check my statistics. 😉

Day 364 – It Don’t Mean A Thang If You Ain’t Funky-Fresh

The highly talented Charlotte Cuevas has been writing a poem a day, every day, for the past year, and you could do far worse than to read her delightful musings. She is also on the cusp of publishing a “greatest hits” of sorts of her work, which is very exciting! Here, in this piece, her second to last of her “365 Poetry Project,” she becomes a meta-poet, waxing rhapsodic in “funky” poetic voice about the art of poetry, and indeed all writing, itself. Because “people ain’t zombies, they don’t want y’brain, but they do wanna walk in y’shoes, and if you do ’em right with y’funky-fresh heart, they they’ll do right by you.” Here’s to hoping Charlotte is right — I think she is — and letting the reader walk in our funky shoes!

Attention! Beta Readers Needed!

I would love to do this, but am just too all-consumed at the moment to give this project the attention it should have. So, maybe one or more of you, my lovely readers, would like to beta-read a dystopian science fiction anthology?

The Dystopian Nation of City-State


Hello! I hope you all are having a great day!

My writing partner, James, and I are seeking beta readers for our dystopian anthology. We conducted one beta read back in March, and we have been reediting and revamping it. The anthology will be ready for this second beta read around the middle of September. If you are busy, I can send it in late September.

James and I have created a futuristic world called City-State where the government has total control of its people. However, there are rebels who wish to save City-State from its current political evils.

If you are interested, James and I would like for you to read for content, clarity, coherence, and interest. We want our readers to clearly see the story project as a movie in their minds, and we want readers to emotionally connect with the characters. No grammar editing is needed.


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Um… Just This

Tess Mackenzie writes brilliant confessionals, which may or may not be true (she won’t really say), but are heaps of fun to read. This bit, however, is about having the bravery to write about something the author feels is a bit edgy (specifically, I think, the next post on her blog), which is interesting given just how edgy some of Tess’s writing can be. I love her stuff, and maybe you will, too.

Lust Hurts: Kind of a Diary

So I’m weird and a freak but even at the risk of putting you all off completely, I just want to say this…  any given story here that sounds like its true, and has a tag on it saying its true, and happens to be about me having sex with a girl, please don’t assume anything.  Just please.

I know this doesn’t make sense, but it’s really really important to me that I say this and you see it before I say too much with stories like that.

Because this whole thing, all this writing, has been this whole awkward thing of starting getting comfortable with what I’m writing, then panicking and changing my mind about being comfortable.  Which I am a bit now.  About this.  And also, this is also as honest as I’ve ever been about this to anyone, like to a group of strangers I mean, in…

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