20 thoughts on “Mountain Wanderings

        • I’m well, I’ve just been super busy with IRL stuff! I had to work today, pretty much all day, which wasn’t the original plan. I’m hoping to get some solid writing done tomorrow, as it’s been so hit and miss lately with finding time. How are you? I haven’t even had time to read anyone’s blogs for a few days!

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        • Staying busy can be good some times, at least is it for me because it takes my mind off of things 🙂 I hope you can get some writing done tomorrow too. I have been ok….well, not really…..I was sick for a while (very weak and extremely tired, pain in head – no other symptoms), and then I started to get stronger, but noticed since yesterday that I am having trouble typing 😦 Like, with this message, I have already had to delete three times because I cant get a single word correct. I called my doctor today and he said we should do an mri to see if something happened in my brain to cause it. I am rather worried, to be honest. I am hoping for the best though ♥


        • Oh no! Serena, I really hope this turns out to be nothing more than a stress reaction. Certainly you have had a lot of stress recently, so I’d bet this is the most likely outcome. Still, I’m keeping you in my thoughts and fingers crossed until you know. Take care of yourself, sweetling.

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        • Thank you sweetness! ♥ I am hoping that it is something stressed induce too, so I just want all of the tests over with and have some answers. Not knowing makes the stress worse 🙂 Thanks for caring! ((Hugs)) ♥

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      • Do you ‘shoe? I don’t have the knees or back for skiing or snowboarding, but I love alpine activities in the snow! I am planning on a multi-day trek though the mountains either this or next winter. I have to acquire a few more pieces of gear and vet my plans with some more experienced guides (I am probably a bit over-cautious).


        • I love snowshoeing. I love hiking, and snowshoeing extends the season through the winter. I used to do a lot downhill skiing, but it gets so expensive and crowded these days. I still go about once a year, though. I’ve taken up cross-country skiing the past few years, but haven’t really gotten into it that much.

          I don’t think it’s unwise to be extra cautious when planning multi-day winter excursions. Winter can be beautiful and inspiring; winter can also be unforgiving to the unwary or unprepared. I should know. 🙂

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    • Thank you! I actually took this back in August, so it wasn’t really cold at all where I was standing, though there was still some snow on the ground. I love sunny days like anyone else, of course, but somehow mountains seem to need to be seen wreathed in mist and clouds.

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