Is blue the warmest color,
Or just the coolest flame?
Expression of emotion,
Or well-known writer‘s name?

Red shift stars race away
Recede to darkest night,
While that cooler, deeper hue
Shifts approaching light.

Azure sky deceives,
Rays scattered by the air;
Indigo we should see,
But not for our eyes fair.

Cobalt lies the sea,
Emerald each heaving wave,
But when grey the fiercest storm,
There’s nary a hue to save.

Green eyes we do love,
And grey the keenest sight,
Warm are those in brown,
While blue is our delight.

Why are you blue?
He asked her on that day.
Well, I’m not with you,
She replied and looked away.

Or perhaps I’m just born that way.

<In response to a challenge from Naima>

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18 thoughts on “Blue

  1. This is an amazing poem. One of your finest pieces, I can’t believe you did it so well. The best part about it was the last stanza when she replies that she is not with him or may be she was born that way! That phrase outshines the whole poem. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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    • Naima, I am always so warmed by your heartfelt comments. I think you give me far too much credit, but… I’ll take it! 🙂 I am no poet, unlike Serena, Stephanie (or is she Rosalie? lol), Craig, Charlotte (who has a poetry book coming out very soon), or frankly quite a few others I have found here (my apologies, I could not list you all, but you are so talented) who truly focus on this aspect of the writing craft. And of course, sweetest, I include you in these ranks. I’m still breathless, blown away, by ‘Almost.’ That is an amazing piece.


      • Well, you blew me away too with this one. You wrote it in such a short time as if it came naturally to you and so well done. You know I have this concept (don’t know of is right or not), I can write prose everyday but not poetry. I feel like it comes to us; it should be like a free fall. The words are written already in your head, it’s like copying from there. Hence, it is no thinking but it’s more like a creation. It’s too philosophical but that’s my belief. And with your poem, I got that feel. Like it was a free fall. You should write poems more often, you never know there is this remarkable poet hiding somewhere 🙂


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        • Well, I don’t know that my words come out in free-fall, at least not all that often. Sometimes. Certainly not when I try to rhyme or match meters! I think of myself as a writer, an author, a novelist (or would-be novelist), and this is where I am at my most comfortable. Some of the most glowing comments I’ve received have been on my short pieces or excerpts, but the greatest quantity of likes and views is without doubt on my attempts at poems (whether rhyming or not). I can spell iambic pentameter, but that’s about the extent of my “technical” knowledge about poetry! So, yeah, I guess those things are raw — not even emotions, they’re at a smaller scale than that — raw expressions of an atomic mood. I didn’t plan any of them, I just thought of each line, or small group of lines, at a time, with perhaps a vague idea of a mood to be expressed.

          I definitely could not write a poem every day! I’m just not that creative! And I admit to feeling guilty, as I have prose writing projects that go on “hold” when I take an aside to do these things, some of which you yourself are waiting on! 🙂


        • Yeah, I just read part 2 and now curious about Part 3; well you are versatile- at least I have gathered that from reading you for a while. You keep writing and I will be reading 🙂


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