Cuffs and Clamps

Image credit: IKxxki /, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0

Image credit: IKxxki /, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0

After her first-ever spanking (at least, as an adult), Olivia decides to turn the tables on Nicholas and bend him over the bench, but of course things don’t turn out as she plans. Is Nicholas just humoring her? And when he takes back control, how will he punish her? More to the point, will she enjoy it?

As promised in the previous installment, together our heroine and hero turn up the heat. Fair warning: the action gets quite a bit more explicit in this scene. 18+ only, please!

This installment is a bit longer than the previous ones so far, at about 6500 words, and it’s already a continuation of the same scene that started in Safewords and Spankings. I considered breaking it down further, but I felt that would disrupt the flow of the narrative too much, so I hope you will forgive the length here. Actually, I hope you’ll be so caught up in the story that it will be a fast read!

Roughly the final thousand words of this scene appeared previously as a guest post on Tamsin Flowers’ Superotica blog in her 2014 Advent Calendar, alongside many other highly talented writers, an honor I treasure to this day. If you aren’t already familiar with Tamsin’s own work — well, why aren’t you? She’s one of the hottest writers in the genre today. And if you haven’t read her 200,000 word magnum opus, Alchemy xii, then I strongly recommend you give it a shot. The “prequel” chapter is available as a free download from Amazon, so you have nothing to lose!

Meanwhile, on with the story! Catch up with Olivia in Cuffs and Clamps

3 thoughts on “Cuffs and Clamps

    • Thank you so much, Dave! I wish I had found your blog earlier; I love your writing style! I’ll be a more frequent visitor now. 🙂

      I do apologize that I have not been able to keep up here as much as I used to; the demands of a day job have been — a little much — these past several months. But I am hopeful to get back into the swing of things before too long.

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      • Hi Lace! I’m so happy you’ve visited my blog and like what you see. 🙂 Huge grin. I completely understand about the day job. Things are demanding for me at work as well. I am, however, really looking forward to reading more of your posts. I love the combination of the romantic and erotic. I’ve been writing mostly sweet romances these days, sting-your-teeth kind of sweet, but I love to sink my reading teeth into a good erotic romance and milk it for all its worth, haha.. 😉 Looking forward to catching you when you come back into the swing. Have a beautiful day and happy writing, my new friend!


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