Um… Just This

Tess Mackenzie writes brilliant confessionals, which may or may not be true (she won’t really say), but are heaps of fun to read. This bit, however, is about having the bravery to write about something the author feels is a bit edgy (specifically, I think, the next post on her blog), which is interesting given just how edgy some of Tess’s writing can be. I love her stuff, and maybe you will, too.

Lust Hurts: Kind of a Diary

So I’m weird and a freak but even at the risk of putting you all off completely, I just want to say this…  any given story here that sounds like its true, and has a tag on it saying its true, and happens to be about me having sex with a girl, please don’t assume anything.  Just please.

I know this doesn’t make sense, but it’s really really important to me that I say this and you see it before I say too much with stories like that.

Because this whole thing, all this writing, has been this whole awkward thing of starting getting comfortable with what I’m writing, then panicking and changing my mind about being comfortable.  Which I am a bit now.  About this.  And also, this is also as honest as I’ve ever been about this to anyone, like to a group of strangers I mean, in…

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