Day 364 – It Don’t Mean A Thang If You Ain’t Funky-Fresh

The highly talented Charlotte Cuevas has been writing a poem a day, every day, for the past year, and you could do far worse than to read her delightful musings. She is also on the cusp of publishing a “greatest hits” of sorts of her work, which is very exciting! Here, in this piece, her second to last of her “365 Poetry Project,” she becomes a meta-poet, waxing rhapsodic in “funky” poetic voice about the art of poetry, and indeed all writing, itself. Because “people ain’t zombies, they don’t want y’brain, but they do wanna walk in y’shoes, and if you do ’em right with y’funky-fresh heart, they they’ll do right by you.” Here’s to hoping Charlotte is right — I think she is — and letting the reader walk in our funky shoes!

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