Cuffs and Clamps


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[<– continued from Safewords and Spankings]

My thoughts and emotions were a messy blur. I sat there in Master Nicholas’s lap, feeling rejected and cared for, aroused and sad, lectured and desired. He caressed my back and stroked my thigh, held me close and whispered in my ear.

“Before you submit, little one, you will need to understand what submission truly means.”

Submit? Wait, I thought he said commit. What was this submit business?

Weren’t they about the same thing?

No. Not really.

Did submit mean I would be subsuming my will to his? That didn’t sound very attractive to me at all. I squirmed in his lap.

“Does the idea of submission make you nervous, little one?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Tell me why?”

I explained my fears about loss of control, about not deciding my own fate.

“So you think the dominant has all the power in a D/s relationship, do you?”

“Isn’t that what being dominant means?”

“Dominance means making the decisions, calling the shots, yes, but it comes with a heavy responsibility. It is the dominant who must ensure the safety and well-being of the submissive, who must see that she finds her fulfillment, not the other way around. Does that sound one-sided to you?”

I had to think about that. “Well, it doesn’t sound so bad, put that way, but it still puts the power in the dominant’s hands, doesn’t it? The dominant has the power to prevent the submissive’s fulfillment, too.”

“Whatever power the dominant has, he has it only because the submissive has willingly given it to him. However, there is one power the submissive always retains. Did I ever tell you my safeword?”

“Well, no.”

“That’s because I don’t have one, Olivia. Only you do. I call the shots, but only until you use that safeword. Or don’t use it. The choice of whether and when to use a safeword remains forever in the submissive’s domain. I may steer the vehicle, and even press on the gas pedal, but your foot is always poised over the brake. You can stop the car at any time and get out, or just slow it down if that’s your preference.”

He was right. I had a safeword. Assuming he would honor it, of course, but if I didn’t trust him to honor it, we wouldn’t begin in the first place.

“Maybe you should have a safeword,” I said.

“Oh, really? And why is that?”

“Because just maybe I might want to tie you down instead, and spank your bottom. After all, I think you’ve been a very naughty Dom.”

He laughed. “Naughty? How have I been naughty?”

“Well, to use your own metaphor, you may steer the car and hit the accelerator, but only I have the brake pedal. Well, I’m not the one who put the brakes on just now; that was you. I was ready to press on, but you are the one who slowed things down. So, it seems to me that your foot strayed over the line onto my pedal, and therefore you were out of bounds and deserve a spanking.”

He truly looked amused. I don’t think he took me seriously. Of course, I’m not sure that I was being serious, I was just riffing on his own line, but now that we’d gone there, why not? I tapped his chest with my forefinger.

“So, big boy, what’s it going to be? Will you bend over that bench like a good boy and take the punishment you deserve, or do I need to restrain you?”

“And if I decide not to cooperate, little girl, just how are you going to bend me to your will?”

I took his hand and pulled it between my legs, placing his palm against the heat emanating again through my panties.

“You want this, don’t you?”

A fire gleamed in his eyes, and he didn’t pull his hand away.

“Well, if you harbor any hopes of getting that reward, and make no mistake, it will be a reward for good behavior, then you had best be a good boy and do as you’re told.”

I couldn’t quite believe my audacity. Did I actually just do that? I sat there, holding his palm against my sex, staring him down, daring him. My heart was beating a hundred times a minute with nervousness and excitement, and I felt something hot pooling down low in my belly. I might have been blushing and sweating a little, because I was pretty sure he could feel the dampness that I just knew had to be soaking through my panties. I didn’t back down, however.

The amusement and fire in his eyes gave way to uncertainty, and then curiosity. He didn’t answer right away, he just sat there, looking me in the eye. He didn’t move his fingers, he just kept his palm still against me, and the heat between us grew nearly unbearable. If he didn’t break soon, then I would.

He broke.

He took a deep breath before speaking, opened his mouth, paused, closed it again, then finally spoke.

“You make a highly convincing argument, little sub, but I am only going along with this because it pleases me to do so, and because it pleases me to please you.”

He stood up, holding me so I didn’t dump onto the floor, then releasing me. I stared up at him with a confidence in my gaze that I didn’t yet feel in my heart.

“What’s your safeword?” I asked him.

“Oh, I don’t think I’m going to need a safeword, do you?”

“You just delivered a fine-sounding lecture about how a submissive retains the ultimate power, but only because he has a safeword. You’re the submissive now, and I’m your domme, even if only for a few minutes. Do you really wish me to have that much absolute power over you? Because if so, I’m fine with that, but don’t come crying to me when you can’t handle what I dish out.”

His eyes danced with amusement. Of course he thought he was just humoring me.

“Very well. My safeword is obstinate, as in you’re an obstinate little sub who seems to like getting her own way.”

I smiled and followed him back over to the bench where, minutes earlier, he had me tied down and wondering what on earth had gotten into me. He kneeled and bent over the horse, looking just a little uncertain about it once he was in that position. Admittedly, being a big guy, he looked a little funny like that, but I thoroughly enjoyed the sight. I patted his ass affectionately, noticing how firm it felt through his blue jeans.

“Hmm, I think these are going to need to come off. After all, fair is only fair.”

His head whipped around, looking over his shoulder at me. “Oh no, I don’t think so. Don’t you think this is enough?”

“You have a safeword if you don’t like it. Otherwise, boy, I’m calling the shots.”

He scowled, thinking about it, then after a moment reaching to unbuckle his belt.

“Ah-ah. Keep your hands on the bench in front of you, unless you want me to tie them. I’ll take care of that.”

He pulled his hand away, leaning fully over the bench. I stood close behind him, leaning over him so I could get my arms around his hips, and took the belt buckle in my hands. As I undid it, and unbuttoned the fly of his 501s, I was hyper-aware of the closeness of his incredibly sexy ass to my hips. I think I even unconsciously pressed against him a bit. Well, maybe not all that unconsciously. I needed to get this lust under control if I wanted to do this right.

Very carefully I avoided touching him more than I needed to as I slid the jeans over his hips and down around his knees. Well, it seemed our oh-so-dominant Nicholas liked to go commando. I shouldn’t have been surprised. I took a deep breath, feeling almost a little light-headed, looking at that bared male vision before me. No flabbiness on this man, that was for sure. His glutes and quads bespoke a man who either spent much time in the gym, or a lot of time on his feet, using his legs. I bit my bottom lip and reminded myself of my task.

I stood up and knelt one knee on the bench beside Nicholas, leaning down to speak into his ear with one hand on his back.

“Are you ready, not-so-little sub?”

He hung his head, took a deep breath, then replied. “Yes, Mistress.”

Oooh, I liked the sound of that. A little thrill ran through me when he said that. Deeply satisfied, I ran my hand down his back, caressing him, until I felt his shirt end and his bare skin lay under my palm. I pulled his shirt-tail up out of the way, letting it bunch up around his waist, and following the cue from when our positions had been reversed, rubbed his right cheek in a circular motion, preparing him.

“How many spanks do you think you deserve, my sub?”


“As many as Mistress deems appropriate.”

“Good boy.”

I spanked him.

He barely flinched, but oh wow, my palm stung. I ignored the pain, rubbed his cheek, and then spanked the left one. Again, I really felt that in my hand, while he hardly seemed to notice. I didn’t even see much redness on his bottom, just the barest impression. I gave him two more swats, one to each cheek, in fairly quick succession, and then I had to stop.

My hand was on fire. Something was not right in this scenario.

I stood there a minute, shaking out my wrist, until I noticed him looking over his shoulder back at me, a gleam of laughter in his eye.

“Is something wrong, Mistress? Have we begun yet?”

Oh, the nerve! I glared at him. This wasn’t working out the way it was supposed to. He was still in control, and I felt like an idiot.

“May I pull up my pants now?”

I just growled and sat down on the bench beside him, pouting. He leaned up from the horse and hitched his jeans up, buttoning the fly. My eye was drawn, however, to the rather obvious erection that he was unable to completely conceal. My heart skipped a beat and I may have forgotten to breathe until after he buckled his belt and everything was hidden from view, although his state of arousal remained evident from the bulge in the front of his jeans. He sat down beside me and took my hand in his.

“Darling Olivia, do you realize how incredibly cute you look when you pout? Still, I don’t generally recommend it as a state of being.”

He took my chin between two fingers and turned my face toward him. I tried to look away, but ultimately I couldn’t and had to look him in the eye. I saw amusement there, and interest, but no chastisement or mockery. I heaved a sigh, and that was when he kissed me.

His lips lingered on mine, slightly parted, and I breathed in his air. It was easy to lose myself in his kiss, so I forgot all about being annoyed or frustrated. A moment later I felt his hand behind my head, pulling me closer, his lips nearly crushing against my own. My breathing grew heavier, my world narrowed in focus to a small circle around our bodies, and I may have moaned softly in the back of my throat. His other hand let go of mine and grasped me by the small of my back, pulling my entire body against him. I offered no resistance.

I don’t know how long we kissed like that, but eventually Master Nicholas stood up and I found myself lifted in his arms. He carried me to a door, not the one leading back to the main common room, but another door, and somehow got it open without dropping me. I kept my arms clasped around his neck, leaning up to kiss his cheek, his neck, his shoulder, whatever I could reach while we crossed the room and passed through the door. Once through, he shut it behind us with his foot, carried me a few more steps, and sat me down upon a bed.

A bed. I guess convention is practical, and this was how it was going to happen after all. The key point being that it was indeed going to happen.

“Lift your arms.” I complied, and he grasped the hem of my top and pulled it straight up and over my head. A moment later my bra was unsnapped and joined the top. Exposed to the cool air and his unobstructed view, my nipples peaked and I felt goosebumps across my skin. He paused a moment to regard my breasts, smiling appreciatively. “Very nice.”

Much as I had been dreaming of this moment, of being naked before him, I could not help my self-consciousness, and my arms drifted to cross over my breasts. “Tsk,” was all he had to say, and he took my wrists in his hand and pulled something from a drawer beside the bed. I watched in some disbelief, wide-eyed, as he buckled felt-lined leather cuffs around them, then leaned over me, pulling my wrists over my head, forcing me to lay down. I heard a pair of clicks, and when he pulled away again I found my wrists had been clipped to the headboard.

Oh, crap.

Master Nicholas grinned down at me as I pulled uselessly at the restraints, unable now to cover my naked breasts from his gaze. I panicked just a little bit.

“Olivia, look at me. What is your safeword?”

I looked up at him, confused, still tugging at the unyielding restraints. A moment later, I remembered, and calmed down.

“Red,” I said.

“That’s right. Do you want to use it now?”

I thought for only a moment. “No.”

“Do you want to use your slow-down word?”


“Then we shall continue.”

Rational thought had returned, but I was still breathing deeply, and a flush of some embarrassment and excitement colored my face and the tops of my breasts. Master Nicholas leaned over me, gliding his hands down along my outstretched arms and to the sides of my exposed breasts. He extended his tongue and gently licked my right nipple, teasing it right back to full pebbly hardness, causing me to arch my back, pressing my breasts upwards. He chuckled at my reaction, winked at me, then kissed his way down the globe of my breast and across my belly. He paused briefly at my belly button, and that is when I realized he had already unsnapped the hem of my skirt and was pulling it, along with my panties, down over my hips.

“Lift your bottom, little one.”

Unbelievably, I did so without hesitating, allowing him to get my skirt and panties past my hips and down over my thighs. They joined my top and bra, quickly followed by my heels. Another reach into the drawer, and then he buckled cuffs around my ankles to match those at my wrists. Apparently this bed came ready-equipped, surprise surprise, as there were straps in place for him to clip to the cuffs. He adjusted the tension so that I could bend my knees a bit, but I could not bring my legs together.

I was fully exposed. He remained fully clothed, and he was looking down at my naked body, my legs spread wide so he could see everything.

I blushed deeply while he stood there, an admiring look upon his face.

“I do like this outfit on you, little one. I believe the only piece missing is a collar to match the cuffs. But all in good time.”

Collar? What, like a dog, or a… pet?

I tried to squeeze my legs together, a useless effort, and I hoped in vain that the fact all this made me incredibly aroused didn’t show. But of course it did, as I could tell by Master Nicholas’s expression. He sat on the bed beside me, trailing his fingertips softly along my skin, tracing my contours from elbow to knee. The featherlight touch both tickled and aroused, and I squirmed and softly moaned.

“Yes, I think a collar would suit you very well. Because I want this…” He leaned down and kissed my breast, sucked my nipple into his mouth, teased it with his tongue and gently bit it. “… to be mine.” He released my nipple and traced his fingers down my side to my hip. Scooting down, he kissed the crease of my hip. “And this too.”

I was hyper-conscious of the closeness of his mouth to my sex. How could I not be? He had stripped me and stretched me wide open, and now he was kissing my hip, just inches away. I still had a twinge of embarrassment, but he was rapidly dispelling it.

“I see you keep yourself neatly trimmed, little one, and I approve.” Oh, the shame! “But I will require you to be smooth-shaven when next you come to me.”

Seriously? Did he just tell me to shave my pussy? Excuse me, but I really thought that was my decision, my prerogative.

Then he kissed me there. First he rather sweetly kissed the top of my labia, already very wet with the desire I felt, and then he slowly licked along the length of my pussy. My breath caught in my throat, and God help me, I actually pressed myself upwards a bit against him.

“Delicious,” he said, and I looked down between my breasts to see him grinning up at me from between my legs. I rattled my restraints and he just laughed.

“I should keep you like this. I enjoy the convenience factor.”

I moaned with frustration, and with a wink he returned his attention to my increasingly greedy pussy. Oh, I wanted him! I wanted him so much. He slipped his tongue easily between my labia, licking now between them and up to find the little hood over my clit. He lingered there, lapping softly at the fold of skin, sending delightful pulses of pleasure through my body, and it was not long before his patience was rewarded. Rather, I was rewarded when my clit peeked out from behind its little hood to say hello, to be greeted by his tongue swirling slowly, softly, around it. Very lightly he brushed his tongue across the top of it and a jolt of energy shot through me. I pulled hard against the restraints now, the tension ratcheting up throughout my body, my breathing deep and ragged.

Master Nicholas pulled back, sitting up and looking down at me, caressing my thighs with his hands but otherwise not touching me. I whined in frustration.

“Oh, please, please, more…”

“In due time, pet, you’ll have what you crave, if you’re a good girl. But not yet.”

I huffed and looked at him.


“Shhh. Hush, pet. Now then, I have a question for you. Have you ever had your nipples clamped?”

I must have looked confused, because he answered his own question. “I thought as much. Well, then, this is going to be another first for you.”

He reached back into that drawer — what else did he have in there? — and pulled out a pair of clips. They looked a little bit like small hair clips, except with an odd ring around their base. He held them up before me, and that’s when the fear hit.

He was going to put those things on my nipples. Of course it was going to hurt. What was supposed to be sexy about this? I thought about using my safeword.

“Relax, pet. Yes, it’s going to hurt a little at first, but once you get used to it, trust me, you are going to find them very sensual.”

My breathing and heart rate were elevated again, but was that the fear of those clamps, or the arousal from everything he had done to me so far? I couldn’t take my eyes off those clamps, however. I bit my lip, and he watched me expectantly, but I didn’t safeword. After a moment, he nodded, satisfied, and leaned down to kiss my lips.

“You’re very brave, pet. I will always take good care of you.”

He then cupped my left breast with his hand and took the nipple gently between his teeth. He sucked on it and laved it with his tongue, and a delightfully warm, pleasant sensation suffused my breast and radiated through me. Yes, this was nice, he could keep doing this and I would be very happy. My nipple engorged in his mouth, hyper-sensitive to his rasping tongue, and of course that’s when he slipped the clamp over it.

My attention riveted on that left nipple as the pressure increased. Now I found out what the little ring at the base was for as he slowly spun it, causing it to tighten ever so slightly around the clamps, increasing the pressure further. He watched my face intently as he adjusted that ring, and just when I thought I was going to scream, he backed it off a half turn and left it.

Heat consumed my entire breast, concentrating on a white-hot point where the clamp cruelly crushed my nipple. I sucked in breaths rapidly, straining hard against the restraints, arching my back, twisting my body side to side in a vain attempt to shake that thing off.

“Take it off! Oh, it hurts! I don’t like this, please take it off, please…”

He simply watched me, caressing my side, cupping my breast still. “Relax, pet. The pain will subside and then you will understand.”

He was right, of course. After a minute or two my nipple must have become numbed to the clamp, as the sensation dulled to a throbbing that never quite entirely went away, but faded enough that I became extremely aware of every sensation all over my body. My breathing slowed, I relaxed somewhat, and I began to enjoy his caresses again. Compared to the clamp, everything else felt incredibly good.

“There, that’s a good girl. You’re doing wonderful.”

He turned his attention to my right breast, cupping it, sucking the nipple into his mouth.

Oh shit.

“No, no wait, wait, I’m not ready, wait…”

It was no use. The second clamp went on, he adjusted the tension the same as the other, and again the heat throbbed through me.

“You see, pet, I suspected you were going to like this.”

Like this? Was he crazy? How could I possibly like this?

Then I felt his hand between my legs, cupping my pussy.

I was drenched.

I seriously wondered about my sanity, that spanking and nipple-clamping, that this pain, could actually turn me on like this, but Master Nicholas seemed to have expected it, and I knew from the little bit of reading I’d done that it wasn’t really all that unusual. I still didn’t understand it, however.

So I just accepted it and let it happen. By now, the sensation at my nipples had become pressure more than pain, although it was a constant reminder. I could not forget they were there; with every movement of my body, I was very much aware of my breasts. Every touch on my skin seemed to ignite an electric line from the point touched to my nipples, both of them. When Master Nicholas touched my breasts, especially, I was overwhelmed by the sensation of pleasure, and touch them he did, quite a lot. He kissed them and squeezed them and generally seemed delighted by them, and that in turn delighted me.

Once more he reached into that magic drawer, and this time he pulled out a vibrator. A big, long, shiny silver thing it was, gleaming in the lights of the room. He turned it on once in his hand, testing it, then turned it off again and held it to my lips.

“Kiss it, pet.”

I did so, expectantly, fearfully, hopefully. He turned it on again and dragged it slowly down the valley between my breasts. I could feel the vibrations in my heart, and something in my pussy clenched briefly in anticipation. He slid it across my breast and held it against the clamp, causing a metal-on-metal buzzing noise and a vibration that pierced my nipple. The shiny, buzzing device travelled down my belly, inexorably toward its goal between my legs. He paused with it held against my mons, angling it so I felt the vibrations against my engorged clit. I bucked my hips upwards, desperation motivating my actions. I wanted something inside me. I wanted him inside me, but this was definitely going to be the next best thing. I didn’t think I could hold out a minute longer.

“Please, please, oh please, yes.”

He teased me with it, sliding it up and down along my cleft, lubricating it with my juices, every now and then lightly touching the end of it against my clit, which every time caused me to arch my back and tense all my muscles.

“Inside, oh please, yes, inside, I want it, I want it.”

“Hmm, what’s that, pet? Were you addressing me? I don’t actually think you were.”

The bastard actually pulled the vibrator an inch away. I could hear it buzzing, could almost, almost feel it through the air molecules between it and me. I pressed my hips upward, desperately trying to contact it, and he simply pulled it further away.

“Uh-uh, pet. If you want something, you know you need to ask politely.”


“Please, what?”

“Please, sir!”

“Ah, that’s much better. Now then, pet, what would you like?”

Oh, he could be so aggravating! As if he didn’t know.

“Please, sir, use the vibrator on me.”

“I would be delighted to, pet. But, exactly how do you want me to use it?”

“Put it in me, sir. Inside my pussy. Please. Sir.”

“Wait. Are you asking me to fuck you with the vibrator?”


“Yes, what? I want to hear you say it, pet.”

“Yes, sir! Yes, please fuck me with the vibrator, sir!”

“With pleasure.”

He slowly, deliberately, pressed the tip, the wonderful buzzing tip, against my pussy lips, and then slowly, deliberately, pushed it home. Inch by inch, that shaft of molten electrified pleasure pressed into me, separating my pussy lips, spreading me open, penetrating me. I felt the vibrations reverberate through my body, pulsing in waves of energy through my belly, and again, the twin lines of sensation rocketed to my clamped nipples. I sighed and moaned, eyes closed, encompassing the device within me. Master Nicholas gently moved it in and out of me, slowly fucking me with it, angling it to let its buzzing length touch against various spots inside.

I writhed on the mattress, moaning aloud, pressing my hips to meet the vibrator. I felt his hand upon my inner thigh, caressing me, sliding toward the crease between thigh and hip, tracing the crease lightly with his finger. Every touch seemed magnified a thousand-fold, and somehow, somehow being unable to move my arms or legs only added to that magnification. I didn’t understand why that should be so, but I didn’t spend any thought on it, simply noted it in the back of my mind, the last small piece of me able to hold rational thought in the midst of this sensory onslaught.

His hand moved from my hip to cover my mons, pressing downward at the top of my sex while he worked the vibrator slowly in and out. I felt a little pinch and then, oh, oh, that was my clit, he took my clit and lightly rubbed it between his fingers. I arched my hips up higher, gasping for breath, desperate need singing through every fiber of my being. I was so close, I was right there, I was going to…

“Olivia, you do not have permission to come.”

Here we go, I was about to… what? What did he mean? Oh no, I was definitely going to come, and right now.

He took his hands away, pulled the vibrator out and turned it off. A cry escaped my lips, I opened my eyes and looked at him with incredulity. I pressed my hips right off the mattress, making a bridge from feet to shoulders. Wouldn’t my Pilates teacher be proud? I humped the empty air, desperate to have my void filled again, and completely unbelieving that he would do this at this precise moment. Was he completely unaware that he had been about to bring me to orgasm? Paul never got me this close, and Master Nicholas hadn’t even really fucked me yet!

“You may only come when I tell you that you have permission. You may recall that you are in need of a lesson in delayed gratification. It’s time now for that lesson.”

The bastard! All sorts of colorful names came to my mind then, though fortunately for my ability to sit down later, they didn’t escape my lips. Had my hands not been tied, I would have finished the job myself right then, and indeed I tugged mightily on my bonds. He was implacable and insufferable.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are, Olivia? The flush of sexual frustration suits your complexion very nicely. If you do ever wear my collar, I may choose to keep you like this as much as possible.”

Like hell I would ever wear his collar. I wanted a man who would satisfy me, not deny me this most basic gift of sexuality. I grunted and strained against my bonds, and I’m afraid then a few colorful epithets did find their way into the open air.

“My oh my, she has a mouth on her when she’s upset. And I must say, little one, that is no way to respect a Master. I do believe that has earned you another five spanks. So let’s see, if I recall correctly, you still had five coming to you, so that will now be ten spanks. Ten spanks, pet, is not very much, really.”

“Untie me right now! I can’t believe you would do this to me!”

He shook his head. “No, I’m afraid if I did that right now, your behavior would be not much better than an animal’s. You would have no self-control, would you? I think it’s best if you have your spanking now.”

“You can’t spank me tied down like this.”

“No? Hmm.”

I shouldn’t have dared him, not that I really meant to. The straps securing my ankles to the corners of the bed were easily undone, and he used them to lift my legs up and over my head and then tie them to the top of the headboard, exposing my ass for very easy spanking.

“Wait! Wait, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“Oh, but I rather suspect you did, actually. And yes, you are going to be sorry by the time I get to the tenth spank. Now, I would say hold still, but you really can’t do anything different, can you?”

He crouched on the mattress beside me and placed his large hand over my bottom, rubbing it gently like he had before. It did feel good, but I knew what was coming.

“Olivia, if you wish to come while I’m spanking you, you have my permission.”

Oh, right, like I was going to orgasm because of a spanking. That didn’t seem especially likely.

And so it began.

Like before, his hand would whistle down through the air, giving me barely a split-second of warning, before smacking against either the left or right cheek of my ass. Like before, I was completely helpless to do anything about it. Like before, between each smack he soothed and very lightly massaged my burning cheeks and said encouraging things to me. Like before, the force of his hand produced a sting seeming far out of proportion, followed by a heat that persisted and persisted.

Unlike before, this time I could see his face while he spanked me, and it was a revelation. As the strikes relentlessly and mercilessly punished my poor bottom, and as his hand soothed away the worst of the hurt and, perhaps, spread the heat, he never took his eyes off my face. He watched me intently at every moment, and when the tears flowed and the sniffles ravaged whatever composure I might have had, his look still said I find you beautiful. It said You are mine, and I will care for you. He kept one hand upon my belly, caressing me gently there even during the worst of the blazing pain, and I felt comforted.

Like before, after four or five smacks the pain, while no less intense, did not seem quite so painful. The afterglow between strikes seemed to make it all worthwhile. After the sixth or seventh smack, the heat from my ravaged bottom had radiated far enough into the rest of my body that I found myself suffused with a warm glow all over, and a tingling sensation danced across my skin. My breathing slowed, and by the eighth smack I was actively lifting my ass toward his hand, seeking, even welcoming the blow. The ninth smack fell, and my moan was one of pleasure, not pain.

He paused, rubbing my bottom and my belly, and kissed the back of my thigh.

“You’re a very good girl, Olivia, and you’re doing very well. There’s just one more thing I want you to do for me.”

In my somewhat trancelike state I probably would have agreed with anything. He leaned over me, looked into my eye as he lifted his hand.

“Come for me, Olivia.”

His hand came down, harder than all the smacks before, and at the same moment he gripped my clit and squeezed it. The pain was absolutely intense, my vision went white and I heard a roaring in my ears. I may have had an out-of-body experience. When my eyes cleared and I could understand what I was seeing again, my body was twitching and jerking in the bonds and in his hands. He was holding me, but my hips would not stop bucking, my pussy was spasming, and somewhere someone was screaming. Wave upon wave of sensation rippled across my belly and I would swear that lightning bolts shot from the metal conductors attached to my nipples. I gasped for breath, unable to get enough air into my lungs, and then suddenly I realized that he had released my ankles and lowered my legs gently to the mattress. He continued to hold me, kissing my brow, my cheek, my shoulder and neck, until finally the tremors subsided. I was drenched with perspiration.

He was right. I had an orgasm while being spanked. Not just any orgasm, either, but the most mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasm of my entire life. I expected to never be able to recapture such an intense experience ever again, as long as I lived, and in the midst of all the afterglow, I was sad.

He hadn’t even fucked me yet.

A startling realization came over me in that moment, in the midst of my confusion and my topsy-turvy emotional state. Nicholas had talked earlier about the responsibility of a dominant to his submissive, about seeing to her safety and her fulfillment, and it now occurred to me what he meant. I was definitely pretty fulfilled after that orgasm, and he had carefully brought me to that point along every step of the way. What’s more, he had done so without taking his own pleasure. In fact, the only time he’d even had his pants down was when I took them down for my abortive little experiment in dishing out the spankings.

My eyes must have been big and round, looking up at him, with an expression that said something other than wow, what an amazing orgasm I just had, thank you very much, because he kissed me again, brushed the hair back from my brow, and looked into my eyes.

“What’s the matter, pet? Have I lost all powers of observation, or did you not just thoroughly enjoy that experience?”

I bit my lip. “But you didn’t.”

He looked surprised. “Why on earth would you think I didn’t enjoy that?”

“You didn’t have an orgasm. You didn’t get to fuck me. You totally saw to my needs, my pleasure, and I haven’t done anything for you. I feel incredibly selfish all of a sudden.”

He laughed. “Darling Olivia, trust me on this. Watching you experience all of that for what I’m pretty sure was your first time was a very pleasurable experience for me. I draw a great deal of satisfaction just from seeing the glow on your face. But, believe me, my time will come, and when it does, I am going to enjoy it very, very much. As, I trust, will you. For now, though, it is enough that I get to take care of such a delightful creature. So, do not worry about me. I’m touched by your thoughtfulness, but you needn’t be concerned.”

Could this man be any more perfect? And to think, moments ago I was cursing him and calling him the rudest of names. Well, most of those were in my head, but my stinging behind was testament to the fact I vocalized one or two of them. I reached up to hug him tightly, and that’s when I remembered my hands were still bound above my head. I rattled the cuffs against the headboard a bit and smiled at Nicholas seductively.

“I don’t think we need these anymore, do we? If you take them off, I will be more than happy to show you just how grateful I am for this evening.”

“Ah, well, little one, yes, we’ll take them off, but first, I think it’s best if we leave them secured for one last thing.”

“What? Why?”

“Because it’s best if you don’t thrash about too much for this next bit, and just let me handle it. This is going to hurt. A lot.”

I’m sure I looked thoroughly confused, but my confusion quickly cleared up when he loosened the ring on my left nipple clamp and pulled the clamp away. I had forgotten all about those in the excitement of everything else, and now as the blood rushed back into my poor, abused and crushed nipple it was all I could do to breathe. I pulled hard on the wrist cuffs, and it probably was a good thing I couldn’t grab my poor breast with them, as I don’t know what damage I may have done to myself. I gasped for air, arching my back as pain seared my breast.

As soon as he took the clamp off, Nicholas instantly had his mouth over my breast, suckling gently on my nipple like a baby, caressing it with his lips and tongue, and gradually the pain became just a dull throb and heat, and with his mouth he took even the heat away. After a minute or two he lifted his head and looked in my eyes, gauging my condition.


I nodded, thinking this would be the last time I let anyone do that to me.

“Good,” he said, and pulled the other one off.

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