Partners and Crime

Image credit: Natalia Hubbert /

Image credit: Natalia Hubbert /

“I got this,” I said, when Travers grabbed the perp’s other arm and started muscling him into the station house.

“You sure, McConnell? He’s kind of a big guy.”

A familiar twinge of annoyance hit me, but I suppressed it in the interest of professionalism. Why did Travers have to keep proving himself to me? Or was it for the benefit of the others on the squad? Did he really think I couldn’t handle one tall-but-scrawny pimp in handcuffs whose idea of a workout was standing on the corner watching his girls work the street?

“Yeah, I’m sure. Now go get the paperwork started, would you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said with just a bit of a smirk and dropped his hold on the perp.

I really needed to do something about his attitude. It was bad enough to have my squad mates wonder if I was up to the job of the downtown beat, but I really didn’t need my partner undermining my authority in front of the street punks we dealt with daily. When that happens, someone usually gets hurt, and I can tell you straight up, it wouldn’t be me. If a perp won’t back down because he thinks a female officer can’t handle him or will be intimidated, then things escalate and become dangerous in a hurry, and then it’s up to me to control the situation with whatever means necessary. Yeah, it was time for a little talk with Travers.

Travers was already at the booking desk when I arrived with the perp, and before too long we were done and headed to the back of the station for the end of our shift. I knew there were unlikely to be any other female officers nearby at this time, so with a quick glance to be sure no one was paying attention, I took a firm grip on Travers’ arm and pulled him into the women’s locker room.

I knew I couldn’t manhandle Travers into the locker room if he dug his heels in, so I had to catch him with his guard down. That’s one of the benefits of being a woman in a physically demanding job: we know the limits of our strength and use our brains more than our brawn to get things done. Men are always overestimating themselves and straining their muscles or backs.

His mouth opened in surprise and he didn’t resist at all. Then he got that cocky grin on his face, and it didn’t take a degree in criminal psychology to predict what was coming next.

“McConnell, and here I thought you were the Ice Queen, yet all this time you’ve been wanting a piece of a real man.”

Oh, please. Yeah, he was easy on the eyes, but if he really thought I’d fall for a trim, well-groomed physique with strong muscles, he was deluding himself. Though, I had to admit, he really did take good care of himself, and it showed — even if the bulky vests we wore hid most of it. It had been a while…

Snap out of it, Eileen! I pushed those unwelcome thoughts back down where they belonged, then shoved Travers against the lockers with a metallic clang, slamming against him, bullet-proof vest to bullet-proof vest. For just a moment I saw shock in his eyes and a hint of uncertainty. Emboldened, I got in his face.

“Listen up, Travers, and listen up good. If I want a real man, I’ll find one. I don’t need that crap here at the station or on the beat. What I do need from you is a little more respect. I’ve been on the force long enough to know my way around, and we’ve been partners long enough for you to know that I carry my own weight. I don’t need you or any other man here to do my job for me, do you understand?”

“Whoa, McConnell, lighten up, I was just being friendly. I thought…”

“Do you understand? It’s a simple question.”

“Hey, babe, why’d you drag me in here, then? If you wanna get rough…”

I’d had enough. Before he could get another word out, I had a leg behind his and levered him around and down to the ground, pulling his arm behind as I followed him with a knee against his back. While he struggled to get his breath back, I drew my cuffs and snapped one to his wrist, then grabbed his other wrist and that was that. He was down and cuffed on the floor. I pushed up on his forearms, forcing his elbows wide, and leaned down close to his ear.

“Don’t you ever ‘hey babe’ me again, Travers. Is that clear?”

He was either in shock or winded, because he had a funny look on his face and he only nodded.

“I think it’s time you understood the way things are going to be from now on. I’m not your ‘woman partner,’ I’m not a little girl who needs your help, and I’m not your Ice Queen either. I’m an officer of the law, and a damn good one, and as long as you’re working with me, I’m going to call the shots. Is that clear?”

A trickle of perspiration slid down my skin under the bulky vest, and I was breathing a little more heavily than I should have been for such a quick takedown. I sensed something coming off Travers that I couldn’t quite define. Not shock, not anger, but something else. Acquiescence. He wasn’t fighting me. A sense of power surged through me, and for the first time I couldn’t quite believe that I had just done this, taken down and cuffed a fellow officer, my partner. I stayed like that, laying across his back with my lips close to his ear, longer than really necessary to get my message across.

“Is that clear?” I asked again in a low voice directly into his ear. He took a long, deep breath.

“Yes,” he whispered.

This was almost too easy. That quickly, the man had become putty in my hands.

And I liked it.

I listened to him breathing for a minute. My knee wasn’t digging into him that much, on account of the vest under his uniform shirt — it was my grip on his cuffed wrists that really held him down. A bead of sweat rolled across his temple and slid down his brow to the roughly carpeted floor. No doubt he was getting a little hot under that vest; I was feeling warm myself. Bullet-resistant vests aren’t exactly known for cool and breezy wearing.

All the fight seemed to have gone out of him, which didn’t fit his normal pattern, but I accepted it and pulled back off of him. I stood up, pulling him up with me, keeping a close grip on his upper arm just like I would any perp in cuffs.

I had spent a lot of time with Travers. We had been partners for about six months, which meant for all that time I had been in his company pretty much more than any other human being. Yet still, we had never stood this close before. Frankly, I had never found him very attractive, despite his good looks, because he had always been such an emotional turn-off.

Now, however, something was different. He didn’t look so cocky. In fact, he almost looked vulnerable, though that was probably the shock of having been taken down so unsuspecting. Regardless, it was appealing in an odd sort of way. Perhaps it was the cuffs. Anyone looks vulnerable with their hands cuffed behind their back.

I had made my point. It was time to take off the cuffs and figure out a way to undo the awkwardness. It was time to step away, but I found I didn’t want to, not just yet. I stood by his shoulder, hand on his arm, looking up at him, and just absorbed the sense of power I felt, having this man, this police officer, under my control. As long as the cuffs were still on, he was helpless and dependent upon me, and I just soaked that up.

His nostrils widened, his breathing grew deeper and quicker, and still a bead of sweat rolled off his brow. He looked me in the eye, then cast his eyes downward, and in that moment we both knew who would be the alpha in this arrangement from now on. I didn’t want this moment to end, it was so heady.

Just then I heard voices in the hallway outside. Female voices. Apparently I was wrong about who was on shift that afternoon, because in about five seconds Waters and Clark were going to come through the door and find us here, and I wasn’t sure how I would explain not only why a male officer was in the women’s locker room, but also why he was in cuffs. Travers had heard them too, his head jerking up, turning to face the door.

I didn’t waste time thinking about it. I tugged his arm roughly, causing him to instinctively follow, and pulled him into the showers. Not a moment too soon, either, as Waters and Clark came into the locker room, still chatting about their shift.

“Did you see the look on that goon’s face when I pulled the cuffs? All macho, hey I’m the big guy, and bam! Totally deflated, meek as a puppy.”

“Yeah, they’re all spit and bluster until they realize it’s going down, then suddenly shit gets serious and they’re not so tough anymore.”

Clearly they were on a post-arrest high. I grinned at macho Travers, all meek in my cuffs now. He started to get that look on his face, and I just put a finger to his lips. His eyes snapped right back to mine, his breathing still heavy, but he kept quiet. Once again I saw it — resignation, acceptance, vulnerability — and a surge of… something… washed through me. There was that old tingle, low in my belly, one I hadn’t felt for a while, and my vest began to feel too tight. Oh hell no, no, but damned if I wasn’t getting aroused.

This was bad news. Travers was my partner. I didn’t even like the man.

I stood there a moment, my finger still to his lips, and he didn’t pull away. He just kept his gaze on mine, a hint of a question, uncertainty, in his eyes, and perhaps a touch of heat, but none of his usual bluster. This wasn’t his male posturing, flirting with the girls. All of that seemed to have dropped away, and what remained was… was that desire I saw in his face? Could he really be turned on by this, being told what to do by me?

Too much introspection, Eileen. I slid my finger down his lips, traced his neck from chin to collarbone, then gripped the material of his uniform shirt and pulled his face down closer to mine. I kissed him, hard, on his lips, unrelenting, claiming. Again I saw surprise, but he didn’t resist. I watched his eyes, gauging his reaction, trying to understand his headspace, but I really didn’t even understand my own. I just enjoyed the kiss, took what I needed from it. His lips parted slightly, opening to me. I tasted mint, and a hint of spice, and I wanted more. That was probably his Pad Thai lunch and a candy from the bowl by the cash register, but it didn’t matter, I drank him in.

I could still hear Waters and Clark just outside. A locker door clanged, and a part of me wondered if they would feel the need to shower. Just shower at home, I thought, and then I realized I was even more aroused. No, this couldn’t happen! If they came in here right now, both our careers would be jeopardized. But the thrill…

I broke off the kiss with a gasping breath, but I didn’t step away. God, how I hated these vests! Travers looked momentarily lost, and I realized just how into that kiss he had been. I searched his eyes, with an ear to what was happening just beyond the door, and then I gripped his arm again and pulled him into a shower stall, closing the door. He didn’t resist at all.

He was still wearing my cuffs.

The shower door shut behind me and I pushed Travers against the tiled wall. He’d said only one word since the cuffs went around his wrists, but his face told me all I really needed to know. Again I claimed his mouth, crushing his lips beneath my own, taking what I needed from him. My fingers fumbled with the buttons of his uniform shirt, acting with a will of their own, and then I pushed it off his shoulders, leaving it bunched around his wrists behind him.

The vest, though. This presented a little more challenge. Undaunted, I ripped at the velcro straps, uncaring of the noise they made, freeing the front section from the rear, and pushed the heavy ballistic material up, but with Travers’ height I couldn’t quite get it over his head. He ducked to assist me, but I worried about dropping it on him and breaking his neck.

“Let me help you,” he whispered. He must have seen the doubt in my eyes. He half turned, presenting his locked wrists to me.

I looked him in the eye. We were already so far beyond the pale of acceptable behavior in the Department. Indecision nagged at me.

“We shouldn’t do this,” I muttered to myself. Travers is your partner, Eileen. Do you want to get fired? I pulled the key and with a metallic click freed his wrists.

If he heard me, he gave no sign. Freed from the cuffs, he quickly pulled the vest up over his head, hanging it with his undershirt and uniform blouse in one smooth motion from a towel hook. I hadn’t actually seen him without a shirt on before, and for a moment or two I lost myself in his smooth pecs and rippling abs. I could only hope my openmouthed surprise and naked desire weren’t too obvious. I barely registered as he quickly relieved me of my own top, and then the sharp rip as he pulled the velcro straps on my ballistic vest brought me back to my senses.

“Wait,” I said, as my vest joined his, side by side on the hooks.

“Not yet,” I breathed as he lifted my arms and my sports bra went with the vest and uniform.

“I don’t think…” as he turned me to face the wall and pressed himself tightly up behind me, his hands on my hips and his lips nuzzling against my neck.

“Don’t think, McConnell.” His breath was hot against my ear, and again that spicy aroma wafted over me.

Heat shot through my core, racing from his lips against my earlobe to his hands at my waist, and pooling low between my legs.

“Eileen,” I said. “Call me Eileen.”

I squirmed, needing some relief, and felt his clear arousal pressed against my backside. My worries melted in the heat of my need, and I pressed my cheek against the cool tile of the shower while his fingers undid my belt. I relished the smooth ceramic against my breasts, flattening my nipples, while my uniform trousers fell around my ankles.

“Black lace,” he said quietly, his fingertips sliding around the waistline of my panties. “I should have known there was a sensuous woman under that tough, professional exterior.”

I turned around in his arms, putting my back against the wall, laying my palms against the firm muscles of his chest and pushing. I took a deep breath, opening my mouth to speak, to object to his comment, and that’s when I realized he had completely divested himself of all his clothing. Whatever I had meant to say, it was gone. I couldn’t help myself. I looked down between us.

If his desire had been obvious before, it was almost painfully evident now. I struggled to imagine skin stretching so tight and wondered how he withstood it. His erection angled up and a little bit away from his body, slightly curved and pointed right at my belly, quivering gently from his deep breathing. A small drop of moisture glistened on the tip, and I could not help myself. I reached down and curled my fingers about the head, gently sliding my thumb through the smooth, silky slickness.

Travers leaned his head back and groaned, closing his eyes. His entire body went rigid, and I swear, he got even harder in my hand, though I couldn’t see how that was possible. His large hands slid up my waist to grip me under my armpits, cupping the sides of my breasts with the heels of his palms. He moved his thumbs to my nipples, already pebble hard, sending jolts of sensation arcing through my body. I sucked in a sharp breath through my teeth.

Get a grip, EileenYou’re losing control of the situation.

I reached up with my free hand and gripped the back of Travers’ head. The short spikiness of his close-cropped hair was almost electric against my palm. All of my senses went on hyperdrive, threatening to overwhelm me, yet still I pulled down on his head and brought his face to my breast.

Travers sucked my nipple between his teeth and laved it with his tongue. I moaned aloud, and that’s when the door from the locker room opened and Waters and Clark walked in.

The shower stall door was shut, but it would be immediately obvious someone was in here. Did they hear my moan? Would they look under the stall door and see four legs instead of two? No, why would they do that? But if Travers stood up straight again they might easily see him over the top of the door. He was a tall guy.

I reached beside me and turned on the water, drenching us both instantly. Of course the water was frigidly cold and my skin prickled with goosebumps, but that was the least of my worries. I put both hands on top of Travers’ head and pushed him down to his knees. He started to yelp when the water hit him, so I pulled his face in tight against me, muffling his mouth against my lace panties.

“McConnell, you okay in there?”

Travers wrapped his arms around my legs, his broad hands gripping my ass, and nuzzled me through the black lace material. I struggled to maintain calm in my voice.

“Yeah… yes, fine, just, uh, dropped the soap.”

I heard a snicker, Waters I thought, but I couldn’t be sure.

“Careful, McConnell. You never know what might happen when you bend over to pick it up.”

Waters was always trying to one-up the guys on the squad with how crass she could be, and Clark took her cues from her partner. I looked down at Travers. He hooked his fingertips in the waist of my panties, which would have been sopping wet even if the shower wasn’t running. He seemed oblivious to all else, and I was rapidly losing control again.

“Ha, funny! Yeah, I’ll be careful, all right.”

I gripped the short hairs of Travers’ head tightly. I had a very good idea what would happen if I bent over.

He tugged, and with a wiggle of my hips my panties slipped down my thighs. I tried to kick them away, but only succeeded in tangling them about my ankles. If Travers noticed, he gave no sign, and I quickly forgot all about them too when his lips met my pussy directly, no more barriers between us. He gripped my ass again, and where his fingers dug into my soft flesh I burned with the heat of aroused passion. I leaned back against the tiled wall, the cooling water splashing over me not nearly enough to dampen the fires awakened within.

Dimly I heard other showers starting, and the tiny bit of higher intellect still left to me realized this was our opportunity to sneak out of here, but then Travers raked his tongue up the length of my cleft, bottom to top, brushing over my clit and sending a buzz throughout my body before working his way south again, leaving me more than a little weak at the knees. I bit my lip to keep from moaning aloud, gripped the sides of his head tightly — for balance, or to keep him right there, or both — and pushed my hips forward, pressing myself against his face. I luxuriated in the slight sandpapery feel of his end-of-day stubble, rasping against my smooth skin, and electric tingles radiated through the cheeks of my ass and up into my belly. I half expected to see the shower fill with steam as the tepid water splashed against our overheated bodies.

I couldn’t take it any longer. I needed to feel him inside me. I tugged sharply on Travers’ hair and he rose to his feet before me, sliding his slick body up mine, the hard angular planes of his muscular chest against the soft rounded curves of my too-sensitive breasts. His face came level with mine, then a little higher, and when I turned my face up to look at him he crushed my mouth beneath his own. His hands were still gripping my ass, holding me tight against him, and now his cock pressed against my belly, almost throbbing in its insistent need. I needed it too. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, no gentleness in this kiss, and started to wrap one leg behind his, only to get caught by the panties still tangled about my ankles.

I fell sideways, off balance, pulling Travers with me, and we came up against the side wall of the stall with a thud that would have knocked the wind out of me if he hadn’t gotten a leg out to catch us. He let out a muffled grunt, and I groaned softly, hoping I didn’t do any more damage to myself than a bruise. I listened for any indication that Waters or Clark had heard, but they gave no sign. Travers put one foot across the panties to hold them down and I stepped out of them. Legs free, I lifted them and wrapped them around his waist, held up by his grip on my ass.

The shower cascaded over us, streaming down every crevice and filling every gap between our bodies. I wrapped myself tighter, crushed my breasts against him, breathing in his air and breathing out into his lungs in the heat of our frantic kiss. His cock pulsed urgently against me, and I lifted myself up a little higher, working for that angle of entry. Travers helped, lifting me until I was no longer looking up but rather down at him. His hard shaft slid wetly along the length of my cleft, my folds thickening and parting, opening up to receive him. The crown momentarily brushed my clit, causing me to shiver with raw need, before it lined up, poised at my entrance, framed by my lower lips. I needed only to let myself down slightly…


Oh, shit.

The door to the room banged open, and a loud masculine voice called out, easily heard above the white noise of the running showers. A voice we all knew well.

“McConnell, are you in here?”

Captain Salter. My boss.

Travers and I both froze, eyes locked on each other. His strong hands held me up while he quivered with need beneath me, his cock practically vibrating against me. Just one inch lower, just one little inch, and I would have been lost, unable to stop. I almost couldn’t stop myself as it was, with my pussy twitching and aching with desire to be filled. With a huge force of will I unwrapped myself from Travers and lowered myself back down to my feet. I put a finger to his lips.

“Yes, C…” My voice caught, and I cleared my throat before continuing. “Yes, Captain, I’m in here. What’s up?”

“Get that ass of yours out of the shower and into my office, pronto, and I’ll fill you in. And find that asshole partner of yours. No one seems to know where he’s disappeared to. I want to see both of you in front of my desk in two minutes. Two minutes!”

The door slammed on Salter’s departure, and I shut off the shower. What the hell was going on? And how the hell was I going to get Travers out of here? I turned back to look at him.

His cock was still just as hard as before. Apparently not even the threat of imminent discovery and subsequent dismissal was enough to diminish his ardor. I wrapped my hand around it, suddenly feeling like I had a rather small hand indeed, and thought about what had almost just happened. He twitched against my palm, warm and silky smooth over steel. No, this was for the best. It would be wrong to have sex with my partner. That was close, Eileen. I didn’t know how I was going to work this out, but it would have been so much worse if we had gone through with it. I gave him one last squeeze, causing him almost to collapse, then let go. I pulled his face down to mine and whispered into his ear.

“Wait in here.”

I stepped out of the stall, leaving him dripping wet and looking oh-so-delicious, and oh-so-wrong and off limits. I grabbed a couple towels from the fresh stack and tossed one back to Travers. The other two showers still ran, steam filtering out past the stall doors.

“Well, McConnell, seems you’re in the shit now.”

Waters. Of course she wouldn’t leave well enough alone.

“Yeah, must be bad for Salter to come looking for you here,” added Clark. Her shower shut off and she stepped out, not bothering to cover herself with her towel.

“He could come looking for me here.” Waters stepped out of her shower as well, a smirk across her face. “I wouldn’t mind so much. But you better run along. Wouldn’t do to keep the old man waiting.”

The two of them stood there, water dripping from their shower-slicked bodies, toweling off and grinning at each other, obviously pleased with their cleverness. What was it about them? Maybe they’d just been partners for too long.

I wrapped the towel around myself and started walking toward the locker room, then remembered that my uniform was still hanging on the hook just inside the shower stall door. I turned back and poked my head in. Travers was still in there, of course — where the hell else could he go? — and he had used the time wisely, already dried and dressed, though his hair was still damp. Damn, but the man looked good like that. How had I never noticed this before? Forget it, Eileen. Bad idea. He winked, grinned, and held my uniform out for me in one hand, shoes in the other. I flashed him a grateful smile and took them, then backed out and again headed for the lockers.

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“So here’s the deal, McConnell. Word is you and Travers aren’t working out too well together, always at each other’s throats. Well, actually, the word is that it’s you who’s not working out. Now, I know Travers can be a little rough around the edges, but you’ve gotta learn to lighten up, not get all scowly-faced all the time. You’re walking around here with some huge chip on your shoulder, and it’s becoming a problem.”

What the hell?

I was in Salter’s office, standing across the desk from him, trying to ignore his need for a shave. Unbidden, an image of Waters, dripping wet and naked and flirting with the Captain, came into my mind. I felt the blood rush to my face. Somehow I’m the one with a problem? Where the hell did that come from?


“Now listen up. You’re a good officer, I know that, so I want to work this out with you. If you’ve got some problem with Travers, okay, fine, I’ll do some juggling and hook you up with a different partner. But if it’s going to be like this no matter who you partner with, we’re gonna have a big problem, you and I. I know this is a liberalized age and equal rights and all that, but it’s still police work, you’ve gotta be able to handle the load, man or woman, and that’s the bottom line. If you can’t work with the other male officers, then you just might not be cut out for this, McConnell.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was he actually threatening to fire me?

“Sir, I…”

“Now, maybe it would be better if I partner you with one of the other women for a while.” His expression softened a bit. “I like you, McConnell, you get results, and I want to help you succeed. So look, why don’t I put you with Waters for six months and then…”

The door to Salter’s office opened and Travers bundled in, all trim and crisp, hair no longer damp, and looking so goddamn good I just wanted to shrivel up and hide somewhere for a while.

“Sorry, Captain, I got here as soon as…”

“Where the hell have you been, Travers?”

“Well, I was in the shower, sir, and…”

“Really? Cause I looked for you there, and I didn’t see you. Or are you now in the habit of showering somewhere other than the men’s locker?”

I’m pretty sure Travers turned just a slight shade redder than I already was, but I tried to keep my eyes front and center. I focused on the stubble on Salter’s chin while Travers stammered.

“Er, no, sir, I wouldn’t say that it’s my habit.”

“Good, cause I don’t want to hear you’re causing any trouble, right? We got enough problems around here. What the hell took you so long, anyway?”

Travers cleared his throat. “I was, um, detained. Briefly.”

Salter looked at him askance.


“That’s right, sir.”

“Okay, whatever, you’re here now. It’s come to my attention that you two have not been working well together, so I’m going to reposition you both. I’m putting McConnell with Waters for the time being, and Travers, you’ll be…”

“With all due respect, sir, I’d prefer to remain partnered with Officer McConnell.”

Salter raised an eyebrow.

“You would, eh? I suppose you’d like to pick out all the other teams in the department, too? Perhaps you’d like to choose all the beats while you’re at it?”

Travers turned a little redder. Salter turned toward me.

“And what about you? Travers hasn’t exactly been the easiest of officers to work with, I know that. You don’t have to stick with him. I’m prepared to give you an opportunity to partner with someone else.”

As if Waters would be easier? Salter really must not have been paying attention.

“Sir, I… with all due respect, I would prefer to work things out with Officer Travers. I believe we’ve recently had a… um, breakthrough in our working relationship, and I think we’ll be a good team going forward.”

Whoa, Eileen, treading on thin ice here. Did I really believe it would be a good idea to stick with Travers? After what almost happened in the shower, being close to him would be like holding a lit match near a stick of dynamite. Surely I’d be much better off with someone else.

But not Waters. Something told me she might enjoy making my life miserable.

Salter looked at each of us skeptically.

“I don’t know what’s going on between you two, suddenly making all nice and lovey-dovey with each other. Fine, I’ll leave things alone for now. But I don’t want to hear any complaints! Not from either of you, and not from anyone else about you. Nothing! Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” we both chimed at almost the same time.

“Good. All right, your shift is over. Go on, get changed, go home and get some sleep.”


Travers and I looked at each other as we headed toward the rooftop parking lot. I’m not sure what was going through his mind, but if his thoughts were anything like mine, then we really needed to get some things straightened out. Out of uniform and in his street clothes, with no vest obscuring the shape of his torso, I found it hard to focus. The temptation was strong, so strong, but also so wrong. The shower was an accident, a mistake, I knew that now, and thank god Salter came in when he did. Still, the memory sent a little tingle down between my legs, heating me up. Which was not a good thing, because…

“Here, I thought you might want these back.”

Travers quietly handed me a damp bit of material that I quickly realized were my panties, left behind in the shower. He had actually folded them neatly into a small package. I put them in my pocket, looking around to see if anyone noticed, and smiled at him gratefully, hoping my blush wasn’t too obvious.

I really needed him to be a bit of the asshole he used to be. This nice act wasn’t going to make it easy for me to keep things professional.

“Thanks. Listen, Travers…”

“Daryl. Call me Daryl.”

Not helping. I bit my lip a moment before continuing.

“Daryl. Look, what happened back there, in the shower… I’m sorry about that. It was uncalled for. I’m grateful for the things you said in Salter’s office, and…”

“I’m not sorry about it.”

I looked into his eyes, gauging him, and I didn’t see any of the old bluster that used to so drive me up the wall. I saw sincerity, and a hint of vulnerability. Don’t do this, Eileen.

“Look, McConnell… Eileen… I know I’ve been a real jerk to you, and I’m sorry about that. I certainly get that you probably don’t like me much, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if you took Salter’s offer of reassignment. But, I’m glad you didn’t. You were right back there, in the locker room, with those things you said. You are a good officer, and I’m actually proud to be partnered with you.”

“Then why did you act the way you did all the time? Why be that way, say those things? And what’s different now?”

We pushed through the employee entrance and he paused, looking off across the parking lot and into the street beyond instead of at me. He seemed to be making his mind up about something.

“When we were first assigned to each other, six months ago, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. About having a female partner. I didn’t know if you’d really be, I don’t know, tough enough, I suppose. I was worried about having to carry you along, and I didn’t want to do that. I was worried about a lot of things.”

I just looked at him. He took a deep breath, let it out, and turned toward me.

“But you were tough enough. You always were. And… and I actually admired you for it. I was maybe even a little… I don’t know, intimidated, and… well, I was also attracted to you. I mean, I still am… that is, you’re an attractive woman, and…”

Never before had I seen him at a loss for words like this, without a smart-ass comment ready.


“What I mean is, McConnell… well, I think I may have been a little bit in love with you.”

I turned to face him fully, my mouth hanging open in surprise. I don’t know what I expected him to say, but it wasn’t that. Almost anything but that. He held my eye, then turned his gaze down to his shoes.

“Look, I’m not saying I want anything from you like that, I’m just… just explaining where my head was. I was scared. I didn’t want to like you. I didn’t want to be any different with you than any other officer. I was afraid that it would get in the way of us working well together, and so I pushed you away. I treated you that way because I was trying to make myself not like you so much, to make you not like me, perhaps. I don’t know. Maybe if… hell, I don’t know what I’m saying, it’s not like it was a conscious decision, it’s just how it was.”

“And how is it now?” We started walking again, into the parking lot. My head reeled, trying to take in everything he was saying.

“I’m not pushing you away any more. I just want us to be a good team. And maybe friends some day.”

We stopped in front of my car. I clicked the remote and he held the door open for me.

“See you in the morning, then, okay? Sorry if I kind of laid it on a bit much there.” He started to walk away.

“Daryl, stop.”

He turned and looked back at me.

“Get in the car. I’ll drive.”

I think I surprised myself as much as I did him, but after a moment he rounded the front of the car and got in the passenger side. I engaged the ignition and pulled out of the station lot, down the ramp, and onto 9th Avenue.

We turned up Westlake, the street lamps winking on as the dark blue evening sky faded further toward black, shop fronts lighting up with evening displays along either side of the road. I glanced at Daryl out the corner of my eye as I drove. He kept his gaze forward, attention outside the car, or maybe completely inside, breathing slow and a little deep. He seemed to be trying to control his nerves. I was nervous, too. Dangerous territory, Eileen. Yeah, didn’t I know it? This was new ground for both of us.

I reached across, took his hand, and pulled it over into my lap. He turned sharply to look at me, surprise turning up the corners of his eyes. I kept my eyes on the road and pressed his fist between my legs.


“I already told you, call me Eileen. But don’t speak. You know what to do.”

He was still for a moment, his arm broadcasting tension into me. Then he took another deep breath, relaxed his palm, and started to move his fingers against the dampening crotch of my slacks.

I realized I had been holding my breath, unsure of what was going to happen, and now I let it out. I put both hands back on the wheel and tried to think about the road, but it wasn’t long before Daryl made that more difficult.

With one hand he unsnapped the waistband and tugged down my zipper. I was aware of his gaze, turned toward my face while he worked, but I didn’t dare let myself become too distracted. His fingers slipped down inside the front of my slacks against my skin; my panties were still scrunched up, damp, in my pocket. Of course the angle was awkward, sitting side-by-side, with his elbow angled across my torso, and I wasn’t sure how comfortable this was for him, but he wasn’t complaining. The tips of his fingers brushed along my slick folds, and I fought the urge to squeeze my legs together, instead widening them.

I crossed over the Fremont bridge and made the turn onto 34th, then braked smoothly up to a stop at the next red light. Still Daryl’s fingers teased and tormented me, toying with my pussy lips, thrilling me yet not quite taking me there. I squirmed in my seat a bit, the shoulder belt across my breasts making me aware of my heightened sensitivity. I pushed my hips forward against the lap belt, forward against his hand, trying hard not to moan. The light turned green and I pressed just a little too hard on the accelerator, causing the car to jackrabbit off the line before I brought myself back under control. The sudden surge forward pressed Daryl back into his seat and the heel of his hand against my clit, and it took everything I had not to crush the gas pedal to the floor. This time I did moan, just a little, almost a whimper.

Daryl got the message, and as I let my breath out in a sigh and let the car coast back down to the speed limit, he angled his hand so his thumb brushed alongside my clit while he pushed two fingers inside me. He watched me intently, pumping his fingers slowly in and out, while I remained vaguely aware of the traffic around us as my arousal ratcheted higher. On Stone Way I changed lanes to pass another car, then changed back, and a part of me marveled at how smoothly I could drive while right on the edge of orgasm. By now I was breathing very heavily, erratically, squirming and shifting in my seat constantly. It would just be a moment more, just a few more seconds, it had been so long, but oh but this felt so good, so delicious, I was so ready…

He pulled his hand back, resting his palm against the inside of my thigh.

“Uh, maybe we should wait until we get off the road, I’m not sure…”

I grabbed his hand and pressed it firmly back into place. What the hell was wrong with the man? Couldn’t he tell?

“Make me come, Daryl. Now.”

He had that vulnerable look on his face again, but his doubts evaporated and he started to rock his hand back and forth, pivoting on the heel against my clit, fingers sliding in and out, in and out, curling in a come-hither motion, and yes, oh yes, there we go…

I tensed up throughout my body, clenching my pussy around his fingers, half afraid I would break them, I came so strongly. My lip quivered, teeth clamped together, breathing fast and heavy through my nose. I gripped the wheel tightly, tunnel vision focused on the road, on the spasms rippling through me, on the speedometer needle, the rough rasp of my seatbelt-constrained blouse and too-tight bra against my nipples, on the shops along the road as we passed by, on this amazing experience, on the two men rushing out of the corner convenience store, Daryl’s fingers drenched in my juices, the two men running toward a parked car, my soaked trousers, something wasn’t right, something…

I jerked the wheel hard over, heel-toeing the gas and brake, drifting the car in a controlled spin across the lanes, coming to a tire-squealing stop in front of the other car with the two men in it. Daryl held on tight, gripping the grab-bar off the dash with his right hand, his left holding on tight between my thighs. To his credit, as soon as the car came to a stop, his seatbelt was off, door open, and he crouched behind it, service weapon drawn.

We were off-duty, of course, and in civvies and my personal car, but we were still cops. Instinct told me something was wrong with the scenario, and while the men in the other car might not yet know we were police, they were about to find out.

I dropped to a crouch behind my own opened door, the Sig Sauer comforting in my grip as I aimed it over the side-view mirror between door and frame. With my left hand I held out my badge, displaying it clearly.

“Police! Remain in your vehicle and put your hands on the dash!”

I had the eye of the driver now, and I saw shock, fear, uncertainty, and indecision. I aimed the Sig directly at his face and steadied it with my left hand to make sure he understood what the right decision would be.

“Hands on the dash! Right now!”

Resignation. Capitulation. He didn’t want to get shot today. Slowly he took his hands off the wheel and placed them on the dashboard, and a moment later his partner did the same.

“Travers, call it in and cover the passenger. I’ve got the driver.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Good boy. I smiled. I rose from my crouch and moved over to the drivers’ side of the car, just behind the front door, my gun aimed all the time at him. A moment later Daryl arrived to a similar position on the other side.

“Now, slowly, open the door and get out of the vehicle. Keep your hands where I can see them.”

The driver did as I ordered, and when he was standing I turned him around and pushed him up against the car, pulling his wrists behind his back.


Daryl tossed a pair of handcuffs over. I don’t know how he realized I always keep some in the glovebox, but he must have guessed. I snapped the steel bands around the perp’s wrists, and I heard the same thing happening on the other side of the car. Once the links were secure, I placed my Sig into the waistband holster at the small of my back, and that’s when I remembered that my trousers were still undone.

A small crowd had gathered on the sidewalk to watch all the excitement, and I was thankful the car was between me and them as I zipped up and fastened the waistband. The perp heard the metallic rasp and turned his head, trying to figure out what was going on.

“What the hell? You was having sex or something? I smell it on you. You sure you a cop?”

I pushed him back down against the roof of the car and kicked his legs apart.

“Mind your own business, punk. You’ve got your own problems, don’t go making them worse.”

I quickly patted him down and found a Glock 26 in his back pocket.

“Travers, gun on this one.”

“Yep, this one too. These boys were serious tonight.”

“Let’s set them down on the curb and wait for the blue-and-white.”

I pulled the driver up off the car, and at that moment he bolted, trying to break free of my grip on his arm. For the second time that evening I splashed a man to the deck, hooking a foot in front of his and following him down with my knee in his back. I heard the whoomph as he got the wind knocked out of him.

“What, are you reality challenged? You really thought you were gonna run with my cuffs on you? Kid, you’re already in a shit-storm, and you just made it a whole lot worse.”

The shop owner hovered over us, jabbering away about robbery and thanking us for saving his inventory, while I pulled the driver over to the curb and sat him a few feet away from his partner. A few minutes later lights and sirens announced our relief, and we handed the perps over to the uniforms, Jacks and Tate, a good crew. Tate started to bundle them into the back of the squad car, when I remembered.

“Hey, that one’s got my cuffs on him. I’m gonna need a pair. Got any spare?”

Tate tossed me his handcuffs and I put them in my back pocket. Daryl gave me a funny look, and I smiled.

“You never know when a pair of handcuffs might come in handy,” I muttered. “You and I have some unfinished business.”

He grinned back at me. “Yes, ma’am.”

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I kicked the door closed behind me and marched Daryl backwards into my apartment, unbuttoning his shirt as we went, pushing it off his shoulders and down his arms to bunch up at his wrists, cuffed behind his back. I kissed and sucked hungrily at his neck and collarbone as I did so, and moved my hands to his belt. A few fumbles with the buckle, and a moment later his pants slid down around his ankles. Mmm, commando, good boy.

The cuffs didn’t seem to be bothering him in the slightest, as his cock standing to attention attested. I let my gaze linger on it for a bit, licking my lips in anticipation, then I gave him a mild shove against his chest. Daryl yelped as his trouser-tangled ankles tripped him up, and he fell back against the couch as I had intended. He started kicking his pants off while I stood over him, slowly unbuttoning my blouse.

“Now then, Daryl, where were we? Oh, that’s right, you had just given me a nice, sweet orgasm before those B&E punks interrupted us. Oh, and before that, when the Captain so rudely interrupted us in the shower. There seem to have been entirely too many interruptions today, wouldn’t you agree?”

He just nodded, his eyes glued to my breasts as I slipped my blouse off and let it fall to the floor. I reached up behind my back and unsnapped my bra and tossed it aside. My nipples pebbled almost immediately from the intensity of Daryl’s gaze.

“I’m going to need a verbal response, Daryl. Do you agree with me?”

His mouth opened and he started to speak, but only a croak came out. I unsnapped my waist holster and set the Sig P228 aside, then dropped my slacks and stepped out of them. My panties were still in the pocket.

“Hmm, what was that, Daryl? I couldn’t hear you.”

“Yes… yes, I agree with you.”

“Yes, you agree with me, what?”

“I agree with you, Ma’am.”

I smiled.

I leaned down close and licked Daryl’s cheek from jaw to ear, sending a shiver throughout his body, while gripping his rock-hard cock in my right hand. It twitched against my palm and throbbed lightly between my fingers, and I knew the poor man had been in a heightened state of need for some time. An answering twitch in my pussy meant I had, too.

“There won’t be any more interruptions here,” I whispered into his ear. “But that doesn’t mean you’re getting off easy…”

Slowly I eased my way down his body, kissing his collarbone and nipping his shoulder. His cock pressed insistently against my belly, igniting a fire of need between my legs, and it was so tempting, but I ignored it for a moment.

“… or perhaps even at all.”

Sliding further down, I paused to take his left nipple between my teeth, tugging lightly at it. He arched his back and groaned. I guess he was pretty sensitive there, too.


“Shh. No talking. Don’t make me have to gag you. Be a good boy and do what I say, and you may get your reward… eventually.” I grinned up at the tortured look on his face, then resumed kissing and nipping my way down his torso. I paused to tongue his belly-button, and his cock twitched against my neck. I gave it an answering squeeze with my hand.

“But first, bad boys must be punished for past bad behavior. You don’t get to come until I say so. Do you understand?”

“Huh?” He looked bewildered.

“Really, it’s very simple. I’m in charge, and I say when you come. If you disobey, well… there might be consequences.”

“What do you mean, consequences?”

“No talking, remember? A simple ‘Yes, Ma’am’ will suffice. No orgasms. Don’t come. Understand?”

He sighed, sweet surrender written all over his face.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Mmm, yes, that’s more like it. I buzzed inside with the heady power. I wasn’t used to this, but I sure could get that way.

I pulled back slightly so I could get a good look at his cock. It strained against its own skin, radiating heat to my palm where I gripped it. I gave it a gentle squeeze, and a small drop of fluid glistened at the tip. I brushed my thumb through the sticky wetness, causing another twitch and a moan before I brought my thumb to my mouth and sucked, tasting the slight salty, musky tang of him.

He was doomed.

I ran my eyes once more up and down his toned physique, admiring the defined muscularity of a man who kept himself well trimmed. Well groomed, too, I thought as I followed the thin, dark line of hair from his lower belly to his straining cock. Placing my hand once more around its base, and gripping his hip with my other, I leaned down and gently kissed the tip, where another drop sweetened my lips with his arousal.

Daryl sucked in a sharp breath, and I knew I was in complete control over what would happen next.

I licked my lips once, then parted them to take the head gently between my teeth. Very gently. I let him throb a moment against my incisors, perhaps worrying about what I planned next, then I relented and wrapped my lips around it in their place. I pressed my tongue against the tiny slit and wiggled it back and forth, eliciting more groans from the poor man. The metal cuffs clinked as he tried and failed to move his arms, his wrists trapped behind the small of his back.

I let his cock pop out of my mouth and trailed a lingering kiss all down its length, breathing in a mix of musk and almond aroma, which I recognized from the shower soap at the station house. When I got to the base I rested my head a moment against his hip, eyes closed, caressing the shaft in front of my face. Daryl really did have a beautiful cock, and it had been a very long time since I had been this close to one. I savored the moment, then lifted my head to once again engulf him between my lips.

Daryl strained beneath me, muscles tense with need, and again he twitched within my mouth. He really wouldn’t be able to last much longer. If I really didn’t want him to come, I would need to back off.

Very slowly I slid my mouth down his length, taking more and more of him until he barely grazed the back of my throat. I backed off slightly and squeezed and stroked the base of his shaft with my hand a few times, twisting, almost milking him.

“Eileen… Ma’am… I’m not going to be able to… I’m gonna…”

I pulled back and looked up at him.

“Don’t you dare come, Daryl. I’ll have to punish you if you do.”

I kept stroking him, slowly, moving my hand up and down his full length. He groaned in frustration, every muscle tense with the effort of holding back. I grinned again and returned my attention to his cock, once more taking him into my mouth. This time I bobbed my head up and down in time with the stroking of my hand, savoring the silky steel of his flesh sliding between my lips. I curled my tongue along the thick, veiny ridge of his underside, tasting every millimeter of him. He pulsed with impending need, but I didn’t stop. I didn’t speed up, either, but continued relentlessly, squeezing, stroking, sucking, licking, taking him deeper with each movement.

His cock vibrated in my mouth a half-second before he came, flooding my mouth in spurts of salty warmth. I hummed with satisfaction as I continued milking him, his length throbbing a heartbeat against my tongue, swallowing each tangy, delicious pulse.

Finally he subsided and relaxed back against the couch, tension draining from him. I gave his softening cock a few final licks then sat back on my heels, between his legs, and looked up at him. I waited for his eyes to open before speaking.

“How disobedient of you, Daryl. Didn’t I say you were not allowed to come?”

“Oh shit, Eileen, you can’t be serious.”

I suppressed a most un-dominant giggle, tried to look stern and frowning, then gave up and grinned.

“Oh, but I’m very serious! How can I trust you in a… sticky… situation if I can’t know that you’ll follow my instructions precisely?” I licked my lips, tasting the last of him, and wiped my mouth and chin with the back of my hand. “I warned you there would be consequences, so now I’m afraid it’s time to pay the piper.”

“Huh? What consequences?”

I stood up and loomed over him, a hand to either side of his head on the back of the couch. His eyes went predictably to my breasts, hanging before his face, and a surge of satisfaction swept through me. I let him savor that for a moment, then sat beside him.

“Over my knee, big boy.”

“Excuse me?”

“No excuses, and don’t forget your manners, or I’ll have to double the punishment. Now, over my knee.”

He had a look of disbelief on his face, incredulity giving way to a grin before I guided him across my lap. I pushed his cuffed wrists up to the middle of his back, splaying his elbows wide, which showed off his triceps and shoulders to perfection.

“Best keep those hands out of the way. Trust me on this.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said with a bit of a strain, as his cock started to harden again already against my thigh.

Now that’s a delicious sight. I ran my hands along the hard planes of his back, tracing his spine across his lumbar, then trailed my finger between the firm mounds of his ass. He sucked in a sharp breath and tensed across my legs. I gave him a gentle pat across his left cheek.

“Relax, Daryl, or it’s just going to hurt more.”

That didn’t actually help him to relax. Oh well. I caressed his cheek a moment longer, then lifted my hand and brought it down in a firm, sharp smack.

He jerked and pushed his hands down toward his ass to cover it while I shook out my wrist. At least it must have stung him as much as it did me.

“Uh uh,” I said, and pushed his hands back up higher again. “No covering, or do I need to restrain you more tightly and get something else? A ruler, perhaps?”

“Sorry, Eil… er, Ma’am.”

I smiled, his words taking the sting out of my palm. I rubbed the spot where I’d hit him, then smacked it again.

And again.

In all, I spanked him about fifteen times, alternating between his cheeks. To his credit, he didn’t try to cover his ass with his hands again, and to my delight, he developed a lovely, rosy glow that radiated out from the center of each cheek to fade into the pale pinkness above and below. He gave little, soft moans interspersed with breathy grunts between strikes, and although my palm definitely smarted, I knew he felt the sting, too.

By the time I finished, his cock was fully hard again. Who’d have thought the brash, burly Daryl Travers would be turned on by a spanking? Certainly I was turned on, if the wet tingling in my pussy was anything to go by. I squirmed a bit beneath Daryl, brushing my thigh against his erection, which sent a little thrill through me.

“Ok, punishment is over, though I think you rather liked that, didn’t you? Maybe I’ll have to spank you more often.” Did I really just say that?

He merely grunted in answer. I helped him to sit up and nearly laughed when I saw the embarrassed blush on his face.

“Never been spanked by a woman before, have you? At least, not since your mother when you were little, perhaps?” He was adorably cute like this, so I leaned in and kissed his cheek, then whispered into his ear, “Don’t worry, lover. Your secret is safe with me.”

“Eileen…” He squirmed a bit on the couch.

“A little tender to sit down?” I laughed softly.

“Eileen, I’ve never… This is very new to me. I’ve never done this kind of thing before.”

Oops. Had I taken things too far? Now it was my turn to turn red.

“Oh, hell, Daryl… Listen, I’m sorry. I got carried away. I didn’t even ask…”

“No, Eileen, I mean I…  I liked it.”

“You did?”

He looked so unsure of himself, but he nodded. “I never imagined I would enjoy something like that. It didn’t even occur to me, but you, you’re so cool and calm and confident. I never suspected you were so… well, kinky, I guess. Have you spanked a lot of guys? Oh shit, sorry, that’s a stupid question, totally not my business, just forget I…”



“No, I haven’t spanked a lot of guys. I’ve spanked one guy. You. You’re my first.”

“I am? But you really seemed to know what you’re doing.”

“I’m just as surprised as you are. I didn’t know I would like this. I never thought you would. But, I did, and… you did… so…”

He relaxed, smiled at me, then leaned forward to kiss me. His lips met mine and heat shot through my core.

“So,” he said a minute later when we broke for air. “I guess that means we’ll do this again?”

“Yeah, but first…”


“Ever since the shower… Daryl, I really need you to fuck me. Right now.”

I turned and lay back along the couch, pulling him down on top of me. He didn’t resist at all, and after a bit of fumbling I got my legs wrapped around his hips, my ankles crossed behind him. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him again, and savored his weight atop me.


“Don’t speak, just…”

“Eileen, really, this will be a whole lot easier if you unlock these cuffs.”

He had a point. Without his arms, I was going to have to do everything, and while that wasn’t necessarily unattractive, right now I wanted him to go to work. On me. I reached down to the pile of clothes on the floor and fumbled for a key.


“Don’t tell me. Really?”

“No, no, it’s here, I just can’t… find it.”

I strained to reach my waist holster on the coffee table, and the handcuff pouch on the belt beside it. My fingertips just brushed the handle of the Sig and pushed it farther away.

“God damn it!”

Daryl’s laughter reverberated through my body, what with his full weight pretty much crushing me. The crown of his cock just brushed lightly against my pussy, so damned close. Surely he could just push himself forward a few inches with his legs?

“Hey, a little sympathy here?”

“You’re adorable when you’re frustrated, do you know that?” he said.

I just harrumphed and made one last try for the holster, and that overbalanced us so that we rolled off the couch onto the floor.

“Oof!” said Daryl as I landed on top of him.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah… yeah, I’m fine. But…”

“Well, screw this, I can’t wait any longer.”

I sat up, straddling his hips. I reached between us and took hold of his stiff cock, satisfied his erection had completely survived the fall. His eyes got big as saucers looking up at me, his mouth parted a little, and he breathed in deeply. I squeezed him very briefly, lifted my hips, then slid, slowly and smoothly, down onto his length.

Oh my god, it was heaven. I eased down around his shaft, taking him gradually into my depths, all the while watching his eyes. His face slackened and he lost himself to what I’m sure — what I hoped — was as amazing for him as it was for me. The fullness within me increased until I had fully engulfed him, and I rested there a moment, savoring everything.

Daryl started to move beneath me, and it felt good, but…

“Wait. Don’t move yet. Just be still.”

He stopped. My heart beat strongly within my chest, and an answering beat pulsed low down inside me. I didn’t know if that was my own pulse or Daryl’s, tapping insistently, or just my imagination, but I let myself roll into the rhythm. Very slightly, very slowly, I rolled my hips forward, just a bit, and clenched down with my core, then I rolled back and eased off.

Daryl began fidgeting beneath me again, pushing up with his hips, then rolling us a little to one side.

“Daryl, stop, relax, just a moment more…”


“Shh.” I put my finger to his lips, and he stopped moving. I continued my gentle, subtle movements, delighting in his cock filling me, pressing upon my walls. I clenched around him, and released, clenched, and released again, eliciting grunts from Daryl.

It sounded more like he was in pain than pleasure, but that must just have been his reaction to finally being inside me. He grunted again, and once more tried to roll his hips to the side.

“Eileen, the…”

“What is it?” Was he not enjoying this?

“I found the key.”


“The handcuff key.”

“Where is it?”

“Under me. It’s, ah, digging into my hip.”


I shifted and we rolled together, just enough so I could fish the key out. Then I pulled until Daryl was sitting up, which caused some delicious friction inside, and reached around behind him to fit the key into the lock. He took that opportunity to clamp his teeth around my nipple and tug, and I almost dropped the key again. Deep breath, Eileen. Focus.

Of course, a deep breath only encouraged him more. He sucked more of my breast into his mouth and laved my nipple with his tongue. I squeezed around his cock, and he twitched in response.

Focus. Key into lock. Turn key. Click. Repeat on other wrist. Click.

The cuffs fell away, Daryl’s arms came forward, sliding my arms and legs with them, and then there was another click. And another. I felt warm steel around my wrists.

The bastard cuffed me!

He gathered my legs over his arms and gripped my ass with his big hands, then with a shove of his powerful legs he stood up, lifting me, still impaled upon him. Somewhere along the way he had untangled himself from the trousers around his ankles — I had been a little preoccupied to notice that — and now he walked across my living room, carrying me. Each step bounced me against his hips, so that just by walking he slid in and out of me, making it very hard to concentrate on anything else.

Without the use of my arms, I had to lean forward against his shoulder to stay balanced. My breasts pressed against his chest, compressing with each step, sliding against him in a rhythm that matched his cock moving in and out of my cunt. I gasped against his ear, too shocked to say anything, my attention focused on the heat building between my nipples and my clit.

We reached the wall and he pressed my back against it. Still gripping my ass, he growled into my ear.

“I’ve wanted this for six months.”

He then began to fuck me in earnest, thrusting in and out, hard, insistent, and relentless. Speechless, I could only grunt, a staccato rhythm matching his thrusts, my ass slamming against the wall, my arms trapped behind me. Each new invasion of his cock sent ripples across my belly and throughout my core. Sweat coated my skin and his, commingling at the juncture of our bodies, slick and slippery.

Daryl shifted his stance slightly, pulling my hips away from the wall, and his pubic bone pressed my clit, harder then softer with his thrusting. At first, it was almost too much, too much sensation, nearly painful, until I lost track of everything else and let go, giving myself up to the moment, and became marooned in nirvana.

Heat, and light, and fullness, and slippery friction. Contractions, out of control. Always, I always maintain control, I’m always in control, and I lost it, helpless on a sea of sensation, helpless in this man’s arms, but no, I don’t need a man, I don’t need anyone, I don’t need…

I collapsed, out of breath, drenched with sweat. I became aware of Daryl, still holding me up but no longer thrusting. His eyes were closed, the tendons in his neck stood out in stark relief, every muscle tense and straining. His cock pulsed inside me, and I realized he was coming. He was so beautiful in that moment, almost helpless, even though I wore the cuffs now.

He let out his held breath, opened his eyes, and smiled.

“Whatever it was you did just then,” he whispered.

“I came. That’s what I did.”

“Yes. Yes, you did.”

He carried me back over to the couch, even as he slipped out of me, and gently laid me down, then unlocked the cuffs.

I pulled him down on top of me and wrapped my arms around him, held him tightly, and kissed him. I claimed his lips, his mouth, and took back my control. His lips were soft and compliant, and his weight was comforting. I broke off the kiss and bit his earlobe, making him flinch.

“You know I’m going to have to punish you again for that,” I breathed into his ear.

“For making you come?”

I slapped his ass.

“For handcuffing me! A serious crime, you’d have to admit. Surely deserving of more than a simple spanking.”

“Perhaps I should commit more such crimes.”

“Perhaps…” I hesitated, bit my lip, looked into his eyes. “Perhaps you should.”

He grinned. “What’s my sentence to be then, Ma’am?”

I bit his earlobe again.

“To be stuck with me.”

“Hmm, to be your prisoner?”

“No. To be my partner.”

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