New Erotic Story: Condolences

I simply have to share this wonderful story by my new friend, Rachel Woe. “Condolences” doesn’t start like your typical romance — actually, Rachel says she would classify it as “New Adult Erotic Romance” — with the entire story set at a wake (or vigil) for the heroine’s recently deceased grandfather. In this sombre setting, and in the midst of family politics and squabbling, Lauren finds herself confronted by Oakley, her nemesis from childhood when he bullied her relentlessly. He’s all grown up now, though, but Lauren can’t quite forgive or forget. Has he changed? Has Lauren?

“Condolences” has some of the best characterization and emotional pull I’ve seen in a short story in quite some time. At roughly 5000 words, it’s a perfect bedtime snack that will have you waking hungry for more come morning. And guess what? Rachel has more on offer after you’ve whetted your appetite here.

So, follow the reblog — or the direct link to the story at — and please direct your comments and likes Rachel’s way if you agree with me that she is one hell of a writer.


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Happy Hump Day! (It’s still technically Wednesday, EST)

There is a new story titled, “Condolences” available for your scrutiny and reading pleasure on the Free Erotic Stories page. It’s a quickie—less than 6K words—about a resentful young woman who encounters her childhood-bully-turned-one-night-stand at the vigil of her recently deceased grandfather.

That probably sounds like the least erotic thing ever written, but I’m a big proponent of taking seemingly unsexy situations and events (i.e. real life stuff) and injecting them with sexual tension and a dash of “We really shouldn’t, but…”

If you want specifics, I would classify “Condolences” as a New Adult Erotic Romance story, though the Happy-For-Now ending is somewhat tenuous.

You’ll just have to read it to find out why that is.

Let me know what you…

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