The Open Road

Open Road


Drifting snow snakes across the highway,
Steaming like a young woman’s dreams
Of the life she left behind her,
In the rear-view mirror, no more to be seen.

Far ahead stretches the long and lonesome road,
Curving over hill and dale,
Reaching ever forward to horizons,
No arrival, always on the trail.

Mountains yet stand sentinel,
Sheathed all in white,
Passes to be crossed between
Today and endless night,
That which came before her, and
Ahead still out of sight.

Precarious to navigate,
Downgrade in low gear,
Long-haul truckers keeping
Company with her fear,
But the tires keep their traction
And she puts them to her rear.

The tires sing out their lonely
One note melody,
The white line draws a promise of
A brighter future yet to be,
If she can but follow and
Open eyes to see;
He is far behind her and
Now she’s finally free.

Since You Went Away

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Since you went away,
Nothing feels the same;
The house is always dark,
The sky is always gray,
Since you went away.

I miss your easy laugh,
The twinkle in your eye,
The sureness of your step,
The creases of your smile,
Since you went away.

It would only be a while,
You said to calm my fears,
Back before I knew,
And kissed to stop my tears,
Before you went away.

You took the only key
For the lock around my heart,
To hold it close and tight,
As long as we’re apart,
When you went away.

You wrote me every day,
Let me know you’re fine,
Plans for your return,
Told me you were mine,
While you were away.

Then one day you stopped,
Wrote me nothing more;
The somber men in dark
Dress Blues at my door;
My love, you went away.

You still hold the key,
It’s buried with my heart;
A promise made to me,
You swore we’d never part,
Then you went away.