Is blue the warmest color,
Or just the coolest flame?
Expression of emotion,
Or well-known writer‘s name?

Red shift stars race away
Recede to darkest night,
While that cooler, deeper hue
Shifts approaching light.

Azure sky deceives,
Rays scattered by the air;
Indigo we should see,
But not for our eyes fair.

Cobalt lies the sea,
Emerald each heaving wave,
But when grey the fiercest storm,
There’s nary a hue to save.

Green eyes we do love,
And grey the keenest sight,
Warm are those in brown,
While blue is our delight.

Why are you blue?
He asked her on that day.
Well, I’m not with you,
She replied and looked away.

Or perhaps I’m just born that way.

<In response to a challenge from Naima>

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