Umber Dawn

I wake early, without the alarm,
You still slumber between satin sheets.
I slip from the room,
Look out to a still-dark world,
City towers but a shadow;
A hint of light grows beyond.
Purple tones outline distant peaks,
Far pavilions of Kaye’s wonder,
Deep blues fading to star-specked black,
Cold, at peace, not yet disturbed.
The bay fluoresces, brighter than
The sky it reflects, yet darker still.
Captured, rooted to my window,
Helplessly gazing, heart expanding
With slow breaths to take it in.
Burnt orange spreads, a slender line
Whose limits cannot be discerned,
Yet whose end is within my sight.
No division, no visible change,
Yet colors shift before my eyes,
Sea and sky turning bright,
Though above all is dark.
Gulls call out, challenge the day;
I long to join them,
Their raucous company,
But I stay silent,
As you are silent,
Speaking not a word
Of any weight or meaning.
Helios awaits, the day arrives,
Peaks and towers reveal their mystery.
I am greeted, as you never greet me,
By the umber dawn.

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9 thoughts on “Umber Dawn

    • I’m often up before the dawn once the days start getting shorter, even on weekends (habits die hard), and in these moments I love to sit by the window and look out at the world slowly brightening. It always moves me, and I always feel unequal to the task of either photographing it or describing it.


  1. I seriously read it thrice before I was ready to comment. Such a beautiful imagery of dawn. I could vividly imagine all the colors in the sky you mentioned. Keep it up 🙂 A very lovely treat for a weekend.

    Warm Regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Does Sister Madly manage to see many dawns? Or is she more of a nighthawk? Somehow I imagine she throws out all the rules and goes her own way.

      Here I am, up early on a Saturday once again, spellbound by yet more gorgeous pre-dawn colors, and I think “Lace, you already wrote about this! Be original!” Maybe I need to do a sunset companion piece. Last night’s sunset was quite vibrant, so bright it filled my head with images… hmm, ok, feeling another poem coming on. Wait for it… stay on target…


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