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Happy New Year, everyone!

In with a new year, and in with a slightly different look and feel. I’m going to reorganize the website just a bit, so that the creative works I write (and have written) are collected into pages, so that hopefully it’s a little easier to find things. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and now it’s time. However, I’ll be feeling my way about a bit as I create pages and menus and move prior posts into them, so for those of you getting notifications, please accept my apologies in advance!

So, here’s to a fresh coat of paint, and a fresh look going into 2016!

12 thoughts on “Remodeling

    • Always good to hear from you, dear friend! And I’m totally enthused about your success in 2015 and your plans for 2016. 🙂

      Anyway, I’m making the changes slowly. I’ve realized that publishing “pages” doesn’t generate notifications or anything like that the way publishing “posts” does, so the small bit of remodeling I’ve already completed has gone unnoticed! But that’s ok. It’s a long-term plan, and in any case so far there’s no new content, just making some old content more easily accessible (look at the menu and you’ll see what I’m talking about — I’ve added a “Poetry” section, and soon there will be “Short Fiction” and “Works in Progress” sections there as well).

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      • Ah! I see it now. Yeah, menus are great for organizing content and I’ve found that pages get more consistent traffic than old blog posts, which tend to get lost in the shuffle over time. No, page updates don’t send notifications, but that means you can work behind the scenes until you’re happy with the site and then post about it on the blog and invite people to poke around. It’s also nice if you’re a nitpicker like me, always making little changes. 😛


        • Heh, yes, I spent quite a bit of time yesterday fussing around with the “first” page and the menu, and once I realized it wasn’t going to spam the notifications constantly, I lost my fear and started experimenting happily. It took me a while to figure out how to get comments enabled on the pages, though — they were off by default, apparently. Also, it seems that the theme I’m using doesn’t have any accommodation for widgets, sidebars, etc, on pages, only on posts and the “home” page. But, that’s not a huge problem, at least not at this time, and I still like the clean look of the theme.

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        • Every theme has its perks and drawbacks. I use Hemingway, and as much as I like how prominent the visuals are (which only works if you have access to high-res images) the automatic double-spacing on posts and pages can lead to wonky results. I’ve considered streamlining, but since I’m not actively blogging right now, I prefer a look that’s more “site-like” than “blog-like.”


        • I chose “Twenty Eleven” for its clean look and readability — I’ve seen too many blogs where reading causes me eyestrain, and that’s the last thing I want my readers to experience! But it seems almost all the themes (or maybe it’s built in to the editor?) use a “business” (or “journalism”?) style of writing, where paragraphs are automatically double-spaced and not indented, vs a “fiction” style that would look more familiar to novel readers. I guess this suits the majority of blogs, but it can make back-and-forth dialogue look a little weird.

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        • Yeah, I haven’t tried any of the others, though I remember thinking Suits looked pretty spiffy and streamlined (or, maybe that’s just because Malin knows what she’s doing :P). If automatic double-spacing is a theme-wide thing then changing probably won’t solve my problems, which isn’t so much about the text (as far as I’m aware) as it is about spacing images evenly.


        • Oh yeah, Malin rocks Suits! Oddly, I looked at that one and didn’t like it for my site, before I saw what Malin could do with it.

          You CAN avoid the double-space by using Shift-Return, of course. That’s what I do for my poetry. It’s just extra work, and, if I recall correctly, paragraph indents aren’t handled properly (or are completely ignored/removed); it has been a while since I tried that, so I may be wrong, but something convinced me to give up on it.

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