Flash fiction ‘Flight’

If you like both poetry and prose with a little bit of heat (ok, a lot of heat), then you will absolutely love this new piece of flash fiction by MrFoxwood. It’s a story of love (and lust) that transcends physical barriers, in which two lovers will do anything — absolutely anything — to be together. ‘Foxy’ writes a lot of highly expressive poetry, but this is his first flash fiction, and you can see the poet in him shining through in his colorful language. The ending is especially poignant as his story takes ‘Flight.’


I love writing stories, I am, however, awful at finishing them, truly terrible. So it is with considerable relief and a whole lot of smiling that I present my first piece of flash fiction.

I owe a huge amount of gratitude to Rachel Woe (rachelwoe.com) , not only for suggesting I try flash fiction (you did suggest it, right?) and providing her talents as an editor and dealing with my cluelessness, but also as a constant inspiration and a dear friend. So thank you, Rachel, this is for you.


Wet worn soles on old stolen shoes trip and slip on the slick cobbles, my out-thrust hand catches on the flint wall and temporarily I am airborne, down stone steps, feet kicking at the shredded mist. Making a second attempt at landing my feet find purchase and I accelerate along the alley.

This is good, this beat, I’ve…

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