FF: Wrong Side of the Tracks

Rachel is the Mistress of erotic and sensual flash fiction, coming up with well-drawn and fascinating characters and imbuing them with life while putting them in some steamy situations. Here she plays a little mind game with us… or are her characters playing mind games with each other? Either way, take a little trip over to the wrong side of the tracks with Rachel Woe…


The idea for this flash fiction piece spawned from a photo I discovered on Pinterest, originally featured on Vogue Italia. I can’t reblog it for copyright reasons, but you can view it here (SFW).

I decided to try for something a bit more sensual this time, perhaps even subtle. As always, feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Enjoy ♥

He adjusts his tie, tightening and then smoothing it into the collar of his brown corduroy blazer. Delivery trucks and early commuters rumble overhead just as the sun’s first rays illuminate the iridescent swirls of grease along the river’s edge. He scratches at the coating of scruff upon his jaw, wondering if he should’ve shaved for the occasion. Jagged stones threaten to punch holes into the soles of his scuffed loafers. He checks his watch.

She’s late.

The sun reaches higher, reflecting off the train tracks that run beneath…

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13 thoughts on “FF: Wrong Side of the Tracks

      • I’d absolutely love for you to read more of it! Though, I know you’re a very busy writer, yourself. Take your time getting to the most recent chapter. It ends in a cliffhanger that has readers threatening to give me cyber-spankings. 😛

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        • The only problem with such threats being, of course, that it isn’t much of a punishment… more of a reward. 😉

          It’s true, I was doing some beta reading, with some hard deadlines, and really needed to give that the full attention such things deserve, so that kept me a little busy. Not that I mind, though — I love being asked to do that! It’s such a validation when someone respects your opinion enough to request it, and now, of course, I can’t wait for the respective stories to come out.

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        • Heh, exactly! 😛

          I recently did some workshopping for Will (MrFoxwood, aka my Guest Poet Extraordinaire) and really enjoyed it. The editor side of my brain loves digging its claws into a piece. I may eventually ask you to do some beta reading for me, since I recently realized that the majority of my beta readers are men, and while that’s awesome and I love each and every one of them, the main audience for erotica and erotic romance is still women. It wouldn’t be until sometime next year, though. Till then, do let me know when/if you get the chance to read more of “The Cabin”. Your feedback is ALWAYS appreciated. ❤

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