Second Chances

That evening, Paul arrived, flowers in hand, scrubbed and clean. Clearly he was going the extra mile. I told you he was a nice guy.

I met him at the door to my apartment, and as we stood there in the doorway awkwardly, I had a serious moment of doubt. What was he going to think of me? Oh well, he was here now, so I had better at least let him in. Maybe I could just pour some wine and drop the whole idea, just spend a relaxing evening, watching a movie or something.

No, that wasn’t going to work. The basic problem still existed, still needed to be solved, and besides, I had dumped this guy once already. Either we tried something different or the whole exercise was pointless. Going on as we did before was not an option for me.

Well, the wine was still a good idea. I was pretty nervous.


He smiled broadly. “Hi. I, um, brought you these.” He handed me the flowers. I smiled and opened the door wider, ushering him into the living room of my tiny Queen Anne apartment. I nodded over at the bottle on the dining table.

“Pour us each a glass while I get these into some water.”

I pulled a vase out of a kitchen cabinet, filled it with water, cut the ends of the stems, and put the flowers into the vase. When I turned around, Paul had gotten the cork out of the pinot noir and was just pouring the second glass.

“We should let these breathe a little first,” he said.

I picked up one of the glasses and took a healthy swig. Paul just looked at me.

“What? The rest of it will breathe. I needed that now.”

“Are you ok, Olivia?”


“I don’t know, you just seem a little edgy.”

I took a second drink from my glass and looked him in the eye. How the hell was I supposed to do this? Well, only one way to find out if it was going to work.

“Come with me,” I said, then pointed at the bottle. “And bring that.”

Paul picked up the bottle and followed me into the bedroom. Now he was drinking from his glass, too.

“Um, Olivia? Are we even going to talk about, you know, the other night?”

I couldn’t quite meet his eye, so I just started unbuttoning my blouse. His eyes went wide and he opened his mouth but no further words came out. Having sort of thought this through earlier, although whatever plan I’d had was already shot to hell, I wasn’t wearing a bra. When I got the last button undone, I hesitated a moment, though why was beyond me. I mean, it wasn’t like we hadn’t already done it. He had definitely seen me naked before. Why was I so nervous now?

Before I could back out of it, I pulled the blouse open wide and slipped it off my shoulders. Paul’s gaze was firmly on my breasts now, the wine bottle in one hand and glass in the other all but forgotten. I blushed again, the heat spreading across the tops of my breasts, up my neck and onto my face, but I don’t think he even noticed. Moving quickly, nothing especially seductive about it, I shimmied out of my skirt and tugged my panties down. I stepped out of my heels, which frankly I had only put on for greeting him — I don’t usually bother wearing shoes inside the apartment — and stood there before him, naked as the day I was born, blushing even brighter red.

He didn’t say anything. His mouth was still open, and I wasn’t sure if he was shocked or excited. He was definitely surprised. I reached for my glass again and finished it off, then took the bottle from him, refilled my glass, and set the bottle on the nightstand.

“Well?” I said. “Are you just going to stand there?”

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13 thoughts on “Second Chances

    • Haha, wait until the next part of the scene! I didn’t want to go too risqué here, so I stopped mid-scene, but let’s just say that Olivia goes out on a limb with an experiment, and it doesn’t go too well. This, by the way, is an early scene from my novel-in-progress; the other piece ( is a short one-off, just for fun (and practice; you can never have too much practice, right?), which just sort of percolated in my head over the last day or so.

      I hope everything I write can get such a nice reaction! Your comments have really made my morning. 🙂


      • I am glad I found you or I would have missed one of the sizzling writers. You spice up stuff so good that it just gets the audience eyes and ears. I was coming back to your blog again and again to read more! I already read you are mine 😀
        Anyway, I would love to read your novel but until it’s not it for sale, I have your blog! A win-win situation 🙂


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        • “Sizzling.” Ooh, I like that! I hope I can continue to live up to this high praise. I’m going to be floating on clouds the rest of the day now. 🙂


        • Well, you enjoy your day! If you need more of the dose, you know where to come 😉
          Anyway, jokes aside, I did really like how you write. The way you write is not the nasty stuff available in market about romance and erotica, it has it’s charm. It pleased me to know that there are ways this world can be presented with such grace 🙂


          PS– I am a big fan of prose writing, I think I can learn a lot from reading you 🙂

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        • Make no mistake, Olivia’s story does get quite a bit more explicit (hint: some of the themes from ‘You Are Mine’ will show up), but I don’t want to put those bits here for fear of having my blog marked ‘mature,’ which I’m afraid would make me unsearchable. However, there are other erotica and erotic romance writers whose work I admire who get quite explicit on their WP blogs, and they don’t seem to have a problem. Of course, they already have huge followings!

          However, it is my hope to keep the story graceful, to paraphrase you, as well as steamy at the same time, which can be a bit of a dance on a tightrope, but is also a lot of fun to write. Hopefully it’s as much fun to read! Beyond the classic methods, I learn by reading a lot of different authors. When I find someone whose writing moves me, I read a lot more of her/his work. Along the way, yes, I’ve also read quite a bit that was less than inspiring – I’m afraid my kindle is not so pure of only good works! – but that’s instructive and informative to read as well.

          I look forward to your next piece, Naima! I’m so glad you came along to my little corner of the Internet. *hugs*


        • I know where you re coming from, but why sorb you start another blog just for matured stuff and then you can have no fear, what so ever, and can post whatever you want 🙂
          Well, I would love to read anything coming from you. You’re talented and you should be well aware of it! Anyway, we have all read those books which we are my very proud of but then they have taught us something too 🙂
          I am glad I found you, the credit goes to Serena’s blog, my curious nature and your beautiful writing that you got me hooked right there and I clicked on that Follow thingy right away 🙂

          Have a good evening 🙂

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        • Serena is one of those writers whom I admire, without a doubt. Beautiful poetry that tugs at our heartstrings (and other parts of our anatomy) seems to flow from her pen with such ease, whereas I struggle for a few pitiful words. There seems to be quite a circle (she calls it her “WordPress family,” at least I think it was Serena, and I rather like that concept) around her blog and a few others (including yours, it seems!), which I am but lately come to, yet glad to have found. Once again, your lovely words have lifted my heart. I shall strive to live up to the heady expectations you have set for me! 🙂


  1. Ooh, things are getting interesting 😉 I’m assuming Olivia had some kind of realization between the initial excerpt and this one. Since your first flash fiction piece was BDSM related (specifically, bondage), I’m curious, is Olivia’s trepidation a result of her having discovered a secret predilection for kink? Maybe? Perhaps I should just be patient.

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    • Between the prior excerpt and this one Olivia starts to get an idea of things that might interest her, mainly from her reaction to things she reads online, but she isn’t sure, and so she is planning to experiment with Paul and see if she’s right, see if it will work for her. Now that I’ve “broken the ice” for posting explicit content with Partners and Crime, I’m thinking about posting the rest of this scene, which actually doesn’t get nearly as explicit as you might think. Let’s just say that there is a pair of handcuffs involved, and things do not go well. Nevertheless, Olivia’s journey of exploration is launched, and she soon finds herself in much deeper waters than she imagined.


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