Olivia and the Advent Calendar

Superotica Advent Calendar 2014

Today I am a guest over at Tamsin Flowers’ blog Superotica, #14 on her Advent Calendar. Tamsin has featured another excerpt from my work-in-progress, Switch, with the continuing adventures of Olivia Strong.

Yes, that’s right, Tamsin has herself just published a story featuring another submissive named Olivia — Olivia Roux — and there are even a few other similarities between her Olivia and mine, though this is entirely coincidental. The similarities end there, but I like to think that if her Olivia and mine were to meet they would be friends. I think they would. I am going to post later in much more detail about Tamsin’s Olivia and her fabulous new serial novel Alchemy xii.

Today, however, I want to talk about Tamsin’s Superotica Advent Calendar. Every day from December 1 through December 24 she is posting a new story or excerpt, almost (and so far) entirely by guests, not by herself. Each story is accompanied by a picture (usually) selected by Tamsin, and she has been choosing some very interesting ones! This is in part inspired by Alison Tyler’s October post Power On, and in part just Tamsin’s own generous nature shining through, but her goal is to showcase a number of writers, some well-known and others up-and-coming, whose work she enjoys. I can tell you, there have so far been some amazing pieces featured, and it has become a regular feature for me every morning to read and enjoy the latest. So far, we have had:

  1. Alison Tyler – A Brief Distraction
  2. Saskia Walker – Monica’s Secret
  3. Justine Elyot – Hearts and Diamonds
  4. Ella Dawson – Promises
  5. Kay Jaybee – Santa’s Little Helper
  6. L Maretta – Falling From Disgrace
  7. Lana Fox – Cream: An Erotic Romance
  8. Molly Moore – Secret Santa
  9. Oleander Plume – Chemical [se]X
  10. Jade A Waters – Fertile
  11. Sommer Marsden – ‘Tis The Season
  12. Janine Ashbless – The Military Mind
  13. Delilah Night – Plunder
  14. … Me!

To say that I’m a little nervous, being in amongst some very famous names here, well, it’s a bit of an understatement!

In this excerpt, which takes place shortly after the most recent excerpt I’ve posted here on my own blog, things between Olivia and Nicholas have definitely heated up. I hope you enjoy it!

I also hope you enjoy all the other fine writers who have been featured so far, and will be featured in the ten days to come, of the Advent Calendar. No, I do not know who the remaining ten writers will be, just as I did not know who would come before me until each day when they appeared.

Thank you so much, Tamsin! You’re an absolute doll! ❤

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13 thoughts on “Olivia and the Advent Calendar

  1. Lace, it’s been wonderful having you on the Advent Calendar and thank you so much for your round up over here. I totally agree with you that our two Olivias would be friends – they have a lot in common – and I’d be delighted to bring mine over here for a visit!

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    • Thanks so much, Rachel! I am feeling re-energized for this story lately, and all the wonderful comments I’ve received on today’s excerpt are definitely helping me maintain my energy and commitment to forge ahead. 🙂

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      • My comment was still pending last I checked, but trust me, it’s coming! 😛 So glad to hear you’re motivated. I’ve been relatively MIA on social media over the last week while working on “The Cabin”. Blogging is great, but it doesn’t feel quite as productive as adding words to a manuscript.


        • Yep, I went and looked. Given the time difference, Tamsin is perhaps asleep, or out for the evening (she does get to have a life, lol), so I’m sure it will show up whenever she is back. 🙂

          The past two weeks have been especially busy for me, keeping me mostly away from both writing and blogging/social mediating (I’m co-opting that word for this purpose, mainly because autocorrect prefers it, and I’m lazy, and it seems vaguely relevant). I fear that may be the case for the next few days, at least, as well. 😦 I’m trying to take Kristen Lamb’s advice of “writing tired,” but as I’m sort of always tired these days, I don’t know that it’s really working (at some point one HAS to sleep!).

          I have a draft post mostly written which I will probably publish tomorrow, but otherwise I intend to spend what writing time I can glean this week on my manuscript. 🙂

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        • Heh, yeah, I have a brief post scheduled for tomorrow that pretty much focuses on just that: being lazy about social media in lieu of working on bigger projects. I console myself by reading the blogs of my favorite authors and acknowledging that the majority of their posts tend to be spaced further apart and book-related. That way, I can say, “See!? Your priorities are fine! Write the damn book.” 😉

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        • You, my friend, are one who seems to have her priorities straight, and you have always seemed so to me. I’m looking forward to reading your post on the subject! I actually just wrote a longish email to a friend in which this topic came up, and I’m half thinking of adapting some of what I wrote into a future blog post about managing time — or rather, how I’ve not been very good at it! 😉

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    • Thanks, Mihran! Well, I think Tamsin’s Advent Calendar is pretty much set for this year — she invited participants a couple months ago, so the remaining days are already decided upon and written; they’re just waiting for their day to arrive. It’s a wonderful concept, though, really helping to showcase different talents (says she humbly, not glowing at all, oh no), and of course building some momentum for her own site at the same time. I know that Molly Moore is doing something similar (though it is her own work, not that of guests), featuring a line or two of a poem she is writing and a picture of some kind (often a sexy picture), over at Molly’s Daily Kiss (http://mollysdailykiss.com/2014/12/01/a-is-for-angel/).

      I wonder if someone is doing something like this for musicians? That would be quite interesting!

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