Partners and Crime (part 3)

[This is the third segment in a continuing erotic short story. If you’re just coming across this story for the first time, you might wish to go back and read part one and part two first. You can also find the entire story listed under Categories… Short Stories in the sidebar to the right on the main page. If you’ve been following Eileen’s tale so far, well, things get decidedly… ahem… steamier in this installment. Therefore, it is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Not that you couldn’t see this coming from the earlier segments, I hope. 😉 ]

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The shower door shut behind me and I pushed Travers against the tiled wall. He’d said only one word since the cuffs went around his wrists, but his face told me all I really needed to know. Again I claimed his mouth, crushing his lips beneath my own, taking what I needed from him. My fingers fumbled with the buttons of his uniform shirt, acting with a will of their own, and then I pushed it off his shoulders, leaving it bunched around his wrists behind him.

The vest, though. This presented a little more challenge. Undaunted, I ripped at the velcro straps, freeing the front section from the rear, and pushed the heavy ballistic material up, but with Travers’ height I couldn’t quite get it over his head. He ducked to aid me, but I worried about dropping it on him and breaking his neck.

“Let me help you,” he whispered. He must have seen the doubt in my eyes. He half turned, presenting his locked wrists to me.

I looked him in the eye. We were already so far beyond the pale of acceptable behavior in the Department. Indecision nagged at me.

“We shouldn’t do this,” I muttered to myself. Travers is your partner, Eileen. Do you want to get fired? I pulled the key and with a metallic click freed his wrists.

If he heard me, he gave no sign. Freed from the cuffs, he quickly pulled the vest up over his head, hanging it with his undershirt and uniform blouse in one smooth motion from a towel hook. I hadn’t actually seen him without a shirt on before, and for a moment or two I lost myself in his smooth pecs and rippling abs. I could only hope my openmouthed surprise and naked desire wasn’t too obvious. I barely registered as he quickly relieved me of my own top, and then the sharp rip as he pulled the velcro straps on my ballistic vest brought me back to my senses.

“Wait,” I said, as my vest joined his, side by side on the hooks.

“Not yet,” I breathed as he lifted my arms and my sports bra went with the vest and uniform.

“I don’t think…” as he turned me to face the wall and pressed himself tightly up behind me,  his hands on my hips and his lips nuzzling against my neck.

“Don’t think, McConnell.” His breath was hot against my ear, and again that spicy aroma wafted over me.

Heat shot through my core, racing from his lips against my earlobe to his hands at my waist, and pooling low between my legs.

“Eileen,” I said. “Call me Eileen.”

I squirmed, needing some relief, and felt his clear arousal pressed against my backside. My worries melted in the heat of my need, and I pressed my cheek against the cool tile of the shower while his fingers undid my belt. I relished the smooth ceramic against my breasts, flattening my nipples, while my uniform trousers fell around my ankles.

“Black lace,” he said quietly, his fingertips sliding around the waistline of my panties. “I should have known there was a sensuous woman under that tough, professional exterior.”

I turned around in his arms, putting my back against the wall, laying my palms against the firm muscles of his chest and pushing. I took a deep breath, opening my mouth to speak, to object to his comment, and that’s when I realized he had completely divested himself of all his clothing. Whatever I had meant to say, it was gone. I couldn’t help myself; I looked down between us.

If his desire had been obvious before, it was almost painfully evident now. I struggled to imagine skin stretching so tight and wondered how he withstood it. His erection angled up and a little bit away from his body, slightly curved and pointed right at my belly, quivering gently from his deep breathing. A small drop of moisture glistened on the tip, and I could not help myself. I reached down and curled my fingers about the head, gently sliding my thumb through the smooth silky slickness.

Travers leaned his head back and groaned, closing his eyes. His entire body went rigid, and I swear, he got even harder in my hand, though I couldn’t see how that was possible. His large hands slid up my waist to grip me under my armpits, cupping the sides of my breasts with the heels of his palms. He moved his thumbs to my nipples, already pebble hard, sending jolts of sensation arcing through my body. I sucked in a sharp breath through my teeth.

Get a grip, Eileen, I told myself. You’re losing control of the situation.

I reached up with my free hand and gripped the back of Travers’ head. The short spikiness of his close-cropped hair was almost electric against my palm. All of my senses seemed to be on hyperdrive, threatening to overwhelm me, yet still I pulled down on his head and brought his face to my breast.

Travers sucked my nipple between his teeth and laved it with his tongue. I moaned aloud, and that’s when the door to the locker room opened and Waters and Clark walked in.

The shower stall door was shut, but it would be immediately obvious someone was in here. Did they hear my moan? Would they look under the stall door and see four legs instead of two? No, why would they do that? But they might easily see Travers over the top of the door; he was a tall guy.

I reached beside me and turned on the water, drenching us both instantly. Of course the water was frigidly cold and my skin prickled with goosebumps, but that was the least of my worries. I put both hands on top of Travers’ head and pushed him down to his knees. He started to yelp when the water hit him, so I pulled his face in tight against me, muffling his mouth against my lace panties.

“McConnell, you ok in there?”

Travers wrapped his arms around my legs, his broad hands gripping my ass, and nuzzled me through the black lace material. I struggled to maintain calm in my voice.

“Yeah… yes, fine, just, uh, dropped the soap.”

I heard a snicker, Waters I thought, but I couldn’t be sure.

“Careful, McConnell. You never know what might happen when you bend over to pick it up.”

Waters was always trying to one-up the guys on the squad with how crass she could be, and Clark took her cues from her partner. I looked down at Travers. He hooked his fingertips in the waist of my panties, which would have been sopping wet even if the shower wasn’t running. He seemed oblivious to all else, and I was rapidly losing control again.

“Ha, funny! Yeah, I’ll be careful, all right.”

I gripped the short hairs of Travers’ head tightly. I had a very good idea what would happen if I bent over.

<To be continued>

20 thoughts on “Partners and Crime (part 3)

  1. Lace, you should definitely submit something to the Frisky Feminist 🙂 I just read all three installments and thoroughly enjoyed them. Your work has great flow, which leads me to think that you must be an avid reader. The lack of dialogue tags gives your story a sense of professionalism and the language (i.e. cop vernacular) is so natural, I was drawn in and hooked from the first paragraph.

    Reading your story has convinced me to try out a chain flash fiction piece. Also, how the hell am I only just learning about Getty’s free non-commercial use database?? I’ve been lucky enough to have a generous friend who is a talented photographer but searching Getty has to be undoubtedly easier than asking, “Nadia, can you find some more people willing to let you take pictures of them with their clothes off?”

    If you find that you really enjoy this episodic style of writing, you should check out SilkWords, if you haven’t already. They’re a relatively new publisher that specializes in Create Your Own Stories in which the reader is presented with decisions re: the direction of the story as they go along. When I last checked, they had two options: You can either submit a complete story with all of your options included, or, send a first installment and then, if selected, readers can vote on what direction the story should take. It’s a new, exciting model of erotic storytelling that I plan on taking advantage of once I finish the few projects I currently have lined up.

    Can’t wait to read what happens next! 🙂

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    • Wow, Rachel, thank you so much! You’re such a great writer yourself that this means a lot to me. You’re right, I do read a lot, and have for as long as I can remember. I come from a family of avid readers and can’t imagine enjoying life without a good book always to hand. I also read in a number of different genres, and also both in print (trade paperback is my favorite format for print, and so I’ll always ask for that if it’s available — but if it’s the latest from a favorite author, I get impatient and will definitely buy hardcover!) and Kindle (on an iPad, though I’ve been meaning to get an actual Kindle mainly so I can see exactly how my stories will format there). I’ve also read most of the books on “how to write” that I could get my hands on, and attended a number of classes. Plus, I just write! I try to write like the authors I admire most. However, a piece you recently linked about “a letter from future me to present me” (or something like that) had something in it that really resonated, which is to not read really good works while writing your own first draft, as it will only be discouraging. I admit this has happened to me, the thought “Wow, she is such an amazing writer, I will never be this good, I should just give up now.” I have to guard against that!

      The chain flash fiction was somewhat accidental. I didn’t really intend it to come out this way, but it has, and I’m having fun with it. I’m not sure how many more episodes will be in Eileen and Travers’ story — I keep thinking the next one will be the last, but then I realize there’s more to the story — but I’ve already got some ideas for another similar one. I’ll check out Silkwords. Thanks! I didn’t know about that site before.

      I was actually rather jealous of your custom photos, but I thought at the time “Wow, that has to be expensive.” I think the WordPress-Getty deal was announced about the same time I started this blog, or shortly before, so I saw the news about it as I was getting set up. There are some limitations, of course, but it certainly makes it easy to quickly drop in a picture or two, and without using up my own precious storage space. 🙂

      I would love to get your feedback on the two snippets I have at These are quick bits from the novel I’m working on (and which I keep getting distracted from to put more short pieces up here, lol), and which I sort of consider my more “serious” work (though with a light-hearted narrator’s voice, not like the hardened Eileen McConnell). It is an erotic romance, just like I’ve been writing in short fiction, although the snippets haven’t showcased anything really steamy. I currently have about 45,000 words in first draft for it, but that’s going to reduce as there are a couple scenes I plan to cut entirely. Then again, there are other scenes I intend to add or rewrite, so the word count will likely end up higher before the second draft is done.


      • Sounds like you have quite a few projects on your plate! Do you ever worry that blogging is becoming too much of a distraction? I sometimes do but I think that sort of thing gets worked out with time and experience. I’ve read in more than one article that it’s a good idea to set a schedule and stick to it and that once or twice per week is the sweet spot to aim for. So many differing opinions and so much to learn!

        I bought a Kindle Paperwhite last spring and absolutely love it. It’s not the newest generation but has the backlit screen and came with a case. Not harsh on the eyes and relatively light, though the newer ones may be slightly thinner. Mine was gently used and apparently you have to be careful about making sure they’re not locked as a result of being stolen but luckily, I didn’t have that problem, thankfully!

        I remember the article you mentioned, though I actually found myself disagreeing with the point about not reading really good authors while working on first drafts. If you find that it works for you then, by all means, run with it. However, I find reading good books while drafting can help me to write better. Sometimes I’ll even underline or highlight phrases that stick out to me. Like, “Damn! I want to write like THAT someday!” Even so, you have to do what works for you.

        I’ll check out the pieces you linked when I get home from work later. For some reason, my laptop won’t connect to the internet but my phone will. Strange. Anyway, I’ll definitely read them and leave some feedback. Likewise, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my novel-in-progress, The Cabin. I’d link it, but I’m not sure how to do that on my phone without losing this entire comment. It’s on my Free Erotic Stories page. You know, when/if you feel like it 🙂


        • Too many projects, likely. “Partners and Crime” is meant to be just a bit of fun, and I pretty much make it up as I write it, with no real plan or plot to follow. I did spend extra time on this current installment, just because it’s the first time the leads get naked with each other, and so I worried about how to describe that. The coffee romance anthology calls for more serious attention, and right now I’m brainstorming ideas as I go about my day. “Switch” (or Olivia’s story) is something I mostly wrote in the space of a hardcore month not quite a year ago, and have been slowly revising ever since, with some breaks in the middle to do other projects.

          Which brings me to your point about blogging and managing time. I started the blog a couple months ago because I figured I was getting close enough with “Switch” that it might be a good idea to start getting my name out there, perhaps drum up some interest. Yes, I admit it, the whole thing is a marketing ploy. 🙂 However, since then, I’ve connected with several incredibly nice and highly talented people through this medium, and so I end up spending time reading their works, and so on. This is a good thing in the long run, I’m sure, as I’m exposing myself to different styles, and getting a lot of encouragement for my own work in return. However, that itch creeps up, to check the stats (, to see who’s commenting or liking, count the visits and visitors, and it becomes pretty obvious that as the number of days increases since the last post, the number of visits per day drops in a nearly linear fashion. So, the urge to produce content becomes strong, to get that stat back up, and that does become a distraction from the “real” work of the novel in progress. On the other hand, there are days when something triggers an emotion in me that I just need to express, and which has no place in my novel, and the blog becomes a perfect outlet to express that emotion. “You Are Mine” (, a very short piece of flash fiction on here (my first such), and all the poems, are the result of that. (I’m not a poet, by the way, not by any stretch of the imagination, so my scribblings are just raw feeling without any decent form or structure).

          So, yeah, the trick is to manage the time. I haven’t got the trick of it yet, the right balance. I often feel I can’t do both in one day: write, and respond to comments, or look at and comment on others’ work. A 12-hour day at work yesterday, another coming tomorrow, and parent/teacher conferences tonight seem to get in the way. 🙂

          I’ll take a look at “The Cabin.” Hopefully tonight, thought it may be quite late when I get home, so if not, definitely tomorrow.


        • I stand firmly by the assertion that the eternal struggle for wordlovers is choosing between reading ALL THE BOOKS or writing ALL THE BOOKS 😛

          I’ve definitely felt the itch to follow the stats but nearly everything I’ve read about blogging says that you can’t actually gauge a blog’s statistical success until you’ve been at it for at least six months, sometimes even a year. That said, I’ve noticed trends. I enjoyed the article you linked. Funny stuff.

          Time management is definitely key, as is getting enough sleep and admitting that, yes, you actually do write better caffeinated (or, at least, I do!). Blogging takes up a lot of energy but it gets you used to the idea of strangers reading your work.

          It’s true that blogging and “building a platform” is important but you’ve also pointed out a lot of genuinely positive reasons to blog: as an outlet for shorter works that don’t fit into your big projects; connecting with other writers and readers; dabbling in other creative forms, like poetry.

          I could turn this comment into an essay or go and read your flash fiction. I’m opting for the latter 🙂

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        • Oh, I definitely write better caffeinated, but also well-rested helps a lot. I did nothing last night after getting home quite late. I plan to read your excerpts from The Cabin tonight, though — I’m looking forward to it!

          I think the “strangers reading my work” bit has been key. For instance, I’ve written several very sexy scenes for my novel-in-progress, but so far no one else has read those. They certainly aren’t online anywhere. This third installment of Partners and Crime, however, is the first time I’ve written something explicit and posted it, where I know people will read it. I definitely had some trepidation about that, so it’s good for me to sort of get over that hump. I still worry about whether it’s appropriate to have this on my main blog, or whether I should start a “sub-blog” with a mature rating pre-assigned and move such things there (with links here, of course). I’m curious what others, like yourself, have done in this regard, or what you think about this idea. I think I need to answer this question for myself before I move on to the fourth installment, where, of course, the ‘action’ is only likely to ramp up.

          Anyway, I’m zeroing in on a time management strategy that will work for me. I’m not there yet — I think I’m letting the pendulum of “too much time on blogs and social media” swing back to less time online and more time with actual writing, while still maintaining a presence. It is difficult at the moment, as ‘real life’ is currently full of a lot of non-deferrable activities that are consuming my evenings and weekends, and will likely do so for the next few weeks (tip of the month: don’t volunteer for HOA boards 😉 ).


    • Thank you so much, Naima! You know that you’re the one who pushes me to continue with this story, right? 🙂 So of course I’m really hoping you’ll keep enjoying it as more comes out. As for the length, I’m sort of trying for roughly 1,000 words per installment, though I admit that’s rather arbitrary. I know I took longer than usual to produce part 3, but that’s because this nasty three-headed monster called Real Life has been rearing up and biting me lately, and I’ve had to beat it back down with a stick to gain some free time. Unfortunately, it’s still around, but I will persevere!


    • Malin, it is always wonderful to hear from you, and I am so glad the story continues to work for you! I admit it, as I’m writing this particular series, there are perhaps two (now three) people I keep in mind, wondering “how will they react to this?”, and you are one of them. If you are enjoying it, then I’m doing something right. 🙂


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