Coffee Romance

I’m considering an entry for Frisky Feminist‘s Erotic Romance Anthology Love in the Time of Coffee. I mean, I love erotic romance, and I love coffee, so what’s not to like here? Of course, some seriously good writers that I know of are also considering entries, so competition might be… ahem… stiff. But, one has to start somewhere!

It’s not clear if the deadline for submissions is October 1 or December 1, so on the assumption it’s the former, I (and maybe you, too?) have to decide quickly. As in, very soon.

Here’s a snippet from the blurb at

Got a story about that sexy barista who keeps putting hearts on your cup? What about the brooding person in the corner that you just know is writing love poetry you’re dying to read?

We want to read it!

This comes right on the heels of Sheri Savill tweeting about coffee porn, which just got us all steaming and frothing for more, so the time must be right! At least right to ponder it over a cup of coffee.

What do you think?

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23 thoughts on “Coffee Romance

    • Thank you! And you absolutely should! Time is always the problem, for me too — just seems like there is always some important task or other that must be done, and sleep is what usually ends up suffering. But I tell myself I can bang out 2000-5000 words in a couple of hours if I put my mind to it. The question is, will they be 2000-5000 GOOD words? That might take a couple more hours. 🙂


        • I’m excited! Although there will only be 10-15 pieces selected, and I’m sure many other fine writers will submit stories. Also, as the deadline for submissions is December 1 (I checked with them, and it did get pushed back to that date), and then there’s the editing and publishing process, I have no actual idea when the final book might be available for purchase. It will be an ebook, so I presume more quickly than a printed volume, but still it might take a while. So, not before next year, anyway.

          And, if my story is not selected, then I will certainly put it up here. 🙂


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