The Outdoor Writer’s Studio

Writing at Sunrise 1Lately I’ve been spending my weekends out of town, enjoying some of the more beautiful locations to be found around the Pacific Northwest, and perhaps obtaining some inspiration. Who says you can’t write in an unwired spot?

“Do you get WiFi here?” I was asked fairly constantly.

“Not at all,” I replied with a happy grin.

3 thoughts on “The Outdoor Writer’s Studio

  1. I like it. I used to live there in Portland would go down to coast a lot or up to the mountains to write as well. Even lived in a cabin outside Yellowstone for a summer once: had always wanted to live in an isolated place and write… was fun, but spent most of my time wandering around instead of writing 🙂


    • There is that danger! I enjoy exploring a bit much, perhaps, for productivity’s sake, but nevertheless I do find I write more — and better? not sure — when I’m away from home and have beautiful vistas to contemplate. In those moments I pretend I’m working out the next scene, but really I’m just enjoying the view.


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